Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What's on your walls?

Hello from a beautiful, sunny, almost Spring like day here in N.Ireland.
It's so mild today I've even hung out the laundry to dry! I love being able to do that - it's one of those simple household tasks which makes me feel blessed.

But to get to the title of this post - staring at a blank wall. I have to go back to last week's post about my new stairs and I mentioned that now I needed to put something on the blank walls on all sides of the stairs. Well, I've been pondering this and I'm not too sure what to put on them, as it's the entrance hall and it's narrow and hard to light.
I've admired walls with gameboards, others with shelves or wall hangings and quilts. I've also been thinking of doing a number of x stitcheries and arranging them on my blank wall.
Then I got to thinking how this could become a fun thing to post about and have as many as possible of you fellow bloggers join in! What do you all think? How about you post with pics of your favorite wall items and we can inspire one another?

I'm going to share a few of my humble wall items. These are in different places around my home.

These wood letters have to be one of my favorite wall items even if they're not particularly prim.

Above is the bowl rack I designed and put together and still love it and the sign as a grouping. Below is my first ever attempt at making a wall hanging with saltbox house - another of my fav prim things!
As you can see I don't have a huge amount on my walls so I'd love for you all to participate and especially show the kind of groupings you have on your walls.
Hope you have fun and be sure to leave a comment to let me know if you're going to post you pics and I'll look forward to seeing them!
Have a great day!


  1. Want to come over and decorate my house? LOL Very nice. I don't have much on my walls. Someday though...

  2. Hi Christine- I'm not gona be much help I'm afraid, as I'm still trying to decorate my own walls, but I will tell you what I would like:)
    On the wall going up my stairs I plan to have a prim quilt of some description, as you've guessed-it's not made yet!!
    On my hall wall, I'm planning for a quilt/blanket craine with some wooden sign and sconces etc. I also love cross stitches but they are so time-consuming!lol, so the old stitcheries will substitute.
    I have also seen some lovely hall walls decorated with game boards and that is lovely too. Quite frankly, whatever you do in the style you love will be lovely, as the rest of your displays show!
    Enjoy, Shazy x

  3. Pleased you had a mild day....IT's BEEN SNOWING AGAIN HERE......
    The great thing about walls is that they are just waiting for art. Nothing worse than a bare wall.
    x x x

  4. I just start in the center with something larger that I love and build around it. In fact, I have 2 walls in the house that are totally covered with artwork, pics of thekids with stars and hearts mixed in. It's crazy.

  5. That's sounds like a great idea! I will take some pictures and post them too :0)

    I can't wait until it's nice enough around here to hang some clothes outside! It's snowing as I type. I keep reminding myself that spring IS coming and Thank God for the changing seasons.

  6. We had some sunshine here today, but it sure wasn't warm. It was deceiving, it was very cold outside! But I won't complain because we did have sunshine all day.

    I'm like Shazy, I'm still trying to decide what to put on some of my walls. We have a staircase a lot like yours and it has been empty the 3.5 years that we have lived here. Why?? Because I haven't a clue what to do with it! Maybe I can get some ideas from some comments too. Shazy already gave quite a few.

    I love what you have on your walls! The bowl rack you made is wonderful. It all looks so good together as a grouping.

    I hope you're able to figure it out. I take one room at a time, so for me it'll probably be a few more years before I tackle that staircase wall. Lol!

  7. My walls change often, it's my way of moving without moving :-) I love that shutter shelf and the bowl rack you designed is wonderful too.

  8. Everything looks wonderful!! You did a great job grouping your prims together!
    The Krazy Kraft Lady

  9. Me again-meant to say to you-I will get that pattern to you next time I see you-also I have extra of that fabric you talked about:)
    Blessings, Shazy x

  10. I love your goodies on the wall. I made a shelf like your third one you have! I love it!

    I wanted to share I am having a card giveaway and I would love for you to stop by.


  11. Hi, thanks hun for stopping by! I have also become a follower of your blog, thanks for reminding me. :o) have a peaceful day hun!


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