Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New signs - Thanks Shazy!

Today my friend Sharon aka CountryPrims - came for a visit. It was great to chat over a cup of tea and talk about our prim wishlists! We had fun!

I've said before that Sharon is talented - well today she brought me two wonderful signs - both which she stenciled herself. How great are these?

Here's the first one
Here's the checkerboard-
Don't you just love them? I love the willow tree on this board!

Now I need to hang them up to show them off to full advantage!
Thanks so much Shazy!

Have a great evening,


  1. I Love them BOTH! Especially the Game Board! Hugs BeCca

  2. I love those! She does great work!

  3. what a wonderful friend.the signs are beautiful. lucky you!!!

  4. Hi Christine,
    The sign is beautiful and the checkerboard is too! I love the willow tree! I'm off to visit Sharon now! What a sweet friend you have! Hugs, Loretta

  5. Me again! I forgot to thank you for the info about the coverlet. I know Janet's site very well but did not see the design I'm looking for in king size. In fact I'm almost certain they don't make the design I want in king. Thank you though for helping. Hugs, Loretta

  6. Love both of your new signs! How great to spend some time with a prim loving friend!!

  7. I love both signs! How fortunate you are to live close enough to your prim friend to visit and enjoy a cup of tea! Not one single friend of mine is into primitives as deeply as me, so that's why I enjoy my prim blog friends sooo much!

  8. Thanks Christine for the lovely comments and the lovely day. I so enjoyed the chat and the fellowship! Keep crafting-I can't wait to see what will be next!! Shazy x

  9. I love both of those signs! what a sweet friend you have! I also love the pic at the top of your blog!! So pretty with all the snow!

  10. Awww.. I love them.
    Blessings, GG

  11. Thanks so much for your sweet comments about my mantle Christine. The funny thing is I'm usually more "country" in my decorating, but I've been visiting quite a few foreign blogs and I've been inspired by all the white winter decorating. It was fun to do something different from my norm. Your gifts from Sharon are much more my style. They're wonderful!

  12. Christine,
    Love the signs. What a wonderful friend you have there ! And thanks for the comments on my blog and you are quite welcome for including all in my giveaway. Hey it IS a blogaversary so I gotta include all lol. Hope your weekend is going GREAT =0)
    Prim Huggs n Blessins


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