Monday, 18 January 2010

About posting and some Valentines

Good Monday morning fellow bloggers! Hope you are well and enjoying warmer temps. Our heavy frosts and bitter cold seem long ago, thankfully.

To get to the title of this post, though: do you ever feel the pressure to post just for the sake of saying something or perhaps because you feel you are letting yourself and others down by not sharing more details of your life? Last week I got down because I felt I had nothing to blog about! But then there's more to life than blogging!

I have to admit that at times I feel I'm not a good blogger if I don't have some new craft item to show to my readers at least once a week. I know others have said things along similar lines. I know too that I worry too much about what others think of my blog and my style of doing things.
It's then that I just take a deep breath and remember that I'm supposed to be blogging for the enjoyment of it. After all's said and done, I have made friends with so many caring and sharing fellow bloggers, who leave such encouraging comments. It's a big blogging world out there!

Anyhow, I will show you some of my hearts for Valentine's. I happen to love making things with hearts on and when I found this freebie pattern from Primraggs I stitched it up QT.
I also hung up a little love heart swag I made ages ago on my entry way shelf~
I also went through the stowed away Christmas decorations for this little tree to decorate with some handmade itty bitty homespun hearts. My husband was saying at Christmas that it was a bit daft buying Decorations which are on display for a short time, so I'm making more use out of this one in my kitchen!
I found this pattern on Primitive Blessings by Twigs and eventually got it stitched. I've seen some colored in and tried it but I'm not convinced it's the way I want it to look~
Well that's how things are around here apart from visits to the dentist and my littlest one home from school today with a fever. There's a rough winter stomach flu bug going around and I just hope we don't catch it!

Thanks from the heart to you all for making blogging a great experience - one I'm so glad I started on - I appreciated you visiting!
Best wishes


  1. Hi Christine- I read a blog post recently that put blogging completely into perspective (wish I could find it again-I was blog hopping at the time:)) Anyway, it related how blogging should be a fun experience with no pressure attached and no appologies needed by not having posted-it was all said in a fun way!!

    You have been busy and they all look great-I really love the little tree idea. Have a good week, Shazy x

  2. Only me again-I just read my previous comment and cringed!!! I was not giving a sermon, even if it looks like that!lol! I was trying to share something that helped me, if you know what I mean!! I'm off before I confuse you futher:) Shazy x

  3. Sure, I've felt pressure to post because I thought my day was boring and had nothing to post about. Usually, later in the day, I have something I want to put out there.

    Just enjoy your blog. Read and comment if you feel the need, post when you have the want. It's all good. We will all be here loving you and your blog through busy times and not.


  4. Hi Christine! So glad I could stop by today. Seems things have been so crazy lately that I don't get to post or to read many posts lately. I always enjoy stopping by and seeing all the cute things you make. Love the tree with the little hearts! So cute :0)

    Have a great day!

  5. Christine sometimes life just dictates what we have time to do and not do. I feel the same way you have expressed from time to time. I love blogging but I bet I only post maybe 3-4 times a month. Try not to over think what you think fellow bloggers are thinking.(boy that was a mouthful) Post when you can. I always enjoy reading what you have to post about when you post.
    Warm hugs,

  6. I get in that rut sometimes and I have 2 blogs! One is recently new and one I've had since 06. I have even re-read a post a day or two later and almost deleted it because of "what someone might think", "will they like what I did", blah, blah, blah. Know what I mean? But I have to remind myself that when I'm blogging, it comes from my heart. It's who I am. So if they don't like the way I blog or the way I do something... then more than likely, they won't like me. And if they don't, that's okay. There are lots of genuine, wonderful bloggers out there. So don't sweat it and enjoy it!!

    I love your blog and all your goodies! You are very talented and I look forward to what you will be posting next (even if it's a month from now! Haha!). Love your tree! I have a year round holiday tree that I decorated with hearts last week. It's fun to change it out with the holidays. Loving all your projects!

  7. ~I always love visiting you any way Christine,
    'um.......see you have joined the club about things to blog.....don't worry.....Snow and bad weather might have gone for a while, but January is a pretty rats month anyway for inspiration..SPRING, think SPRING !
    x x x

  8. Christine,
    I know what ya mean about wondering at times if you have anything really worth posting about. Butcha' know what I just post what I'm feeling,thinking or IF by some miracle I had time to do some sewing or a re-do from a thrift store find....then I'll share that too. I think if people really like your blog, your writing style or really just hearing about you then they will read and follow regardless of what or when you post. I'm sure I've blogged about my share of boring things lol but hey IF ya' are a true blogging friend then you won't mind at all. It's funny you posted this cause I have gotten 2 emails recently from someone criticizing my grammer, spelling and writing style I use on my blog! Of course I tried emailing back but it came back returned as not a legitimate email account. I almost blogged about it. BUT I'm not changing who I AM. Anyway I'm commenting a mini novel here lol sorry. Love your creations. I do a seasonal tree too. Change it out for what ever holiday is coming up. You hang in there and blog when you feel it. I'll be here to read when ya do ;0) Have a wonderful week and ohhh I hope your little one gets better soon !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  9. I couldn't agree more with what the other girls have said. Blogging should be fun and have no strings attached. It amazes me that some people have the time to post everyday.

    I love all your hearts. I've seen stitcheries colored in like that too and have thought about giving it a try.

    I hope your little one gets feeling better.

    Hugs ~ Tonya

  10. I've been trying to find a pattern to make some little hearts like you have on your swag. I guess I could try to make my own, but I'm sure there are some I can just copy online. Your's looks great. I love the tree and the pillow too. I understand about blogging too, but I'd love to hear more about your life on the "Emerald Isle".


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