Friday, 27 November 2009

Homespun raggy prim Christmas Tree Tutorial

With only 27 days to go until Christmas, it's going to be full steam ahead now! I know many of you have already started to decorate for Christmas, so here's a tutorial for you.
This little prim raggy tree is fairly simple to make and is a good way of using up left over strips of fabric.I chose burgundy dark green and mustard/gold homespuns for a Christmas look.

Here's what I used for the tree - its a florist's foam cone and is 9" high. (I had thought of making a cone from paper mache)All you need to do next, starting from the TOP of the cone, is apply a fairly thick layer of glue, as shown below:

Cut your first strip of fabric about 5" long. All the strips should be about 1" wide.
Make sure you twist the strip quite tightly as you wind it around the cone - the over all look of the tree is better if you keep them tight and the texture appears nicer than just flat pieces of material.)

Just paint it one section at a time as believe me, your fingers will get very sticky and you will probably need to have warm soapy water and a towel close by!
You will need to keep each new round up close to the one above to prevent gaps.
I wanted to use alternate bands of colors on my tree so it started to look like this:

Make sure to tuck in the ends of each strip and even use a little extra glue to hold down firmly.
You can press down on the strip with your thumb as you wind it around - an extra pair of hands may be needed!
As you progress down toward the base of the cone, cut each new strip an inch or two longer to fit round it, though if it's short, just add another bit of the same fabric on and glue down the end well. It does require some patience with sticky fingers especiallyas you need to keep twisting the fabric as you wrap it on. :-)
Here's how mine looked when I was nearly done -To top it off in Christmas tree fashion, I glued a rusty star to the top. Now you could just leave it as is but I got a twig and a small pedestal and pushed one end of the twig into the middle of the cone base to give extra height:

You could also make a trio of these trees with each one a different height. If I get another spare hour or so, I might do that myself - it would make a nice gathering on a shelf.

Hope you have a go and let me know how you get on!:-)
Have a lovely weekend
Best wishes

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Giving Thanks

I may not be able to visit each and every one of my American blogging friends' blogs so I want to let you all know I am wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving Day for tomorrow. It is such a great thing to just stop and count the many blessings we enjoy every day - so much we take for granted every other day in the year.
As the Psalm 103 puts it, 'Bless the LORD O my soul and forget not all his benefits.'
Thank God for His mercy to us.

So have a great day tomorrow and I'll check back at the weekend with a little project and tutorial for you.

Best wishes

Monday, 23 November 2009

EZ Freebie pattern

Hi! I'm back after a few days away from the computer as there were several other things we had to tend to this past weekend. But as you can see from the pic above, I finished my 'Let it snow!'
snowman. Now for anyone so inclined, I thought I'd share my pattern with you and I hasten to add it is just a simple design; nothing too complicated using woolfelt. Hopefully you can click on the pic below to follow the applique cut outs I drew.

I haven't done this before so please forgive the very basic nature of these templates and instructions which I hope make sense!

What you need to do:

Cut 1 piece of woolfelt 14"x10"(Use any color you like for the background)
Cut out the snowman using template above and using a running stitch applique onto middle of your woolfelt rectangle.
Next cut out and sew on snowman's nose.
For his eyes you could use miniature black buttons as I did or cut out small black felt circles and stitch on.
Then cut a strip of brown fabric approx. 3" long by 1/4" wide for his stick arm and sew on. Cut two smaller pieces of brown for twig fingers.
For the Christmas tree, cut another piece of brown fabric 4" long by 1/2" wide and attach with a running stitch all the way around it.
Cut 5 pieces of green felt for the branches making each one a little longer from the top down and sew over tree trunk, centering each one.
On top of the tree, sew on a little star, using template given.
Now you need to stitch on the snowflakes and wording Let it snow! directly onto background rectangle.
Next blanket stitch the whole way round the outer edge of the rectangle.
Cut three lamb's tongue tabs in matching woolfelt and blanket stitch around them.
Then cut 3 circles using template given and 3 stars from given template and sew stars onto circles.
Sew the circles on to the tabs, one apiece.
Now you are ready to attach the tabs to your rectangle. Measure and space evenly apart.
Find a nice twiggy branch and put it through the tab tops and display the finished article!

Here are a few close ups of the words, tree and snowflake in case you need them.Please let me know if there's anything that doesn't make sense!!

Before I go here are some photos of the Continental Christmas market we visited this past weekend. It's lovely for all kinds of tasty food treats and goods from around the world. Really gets you in the mood for Christmas!
These Dutch pancakes are favorites of ours with whipped cream and chocolate sauce over. I'll not show you the pic of me devouring mine! Needless to say they weren't on the plate long!!

Whew! that was long and hope you're still with me but I'm off now and i wish you all the best for the week ahead!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Some Christmas crafts I'm working on this Wed.

Wednesday wishes, friends! So glad you are able to stop by for a visit! It's warm and cozy in here but wild and wintry out of doors. As promised, here are some pics of the Christmas items I've been working on and am still trying to finish.

This is a wall hanging I'm still working on and below is a little tuck pillow in a lovely starry fabric.

I got this pillow finished - easy applique and quick to make - This will be a gift for a friend.
Last but not least are these cute angel twins Hope and Joy which I will list on Ebay. Their hair is a row of jingling rusty bells!

Wednesdays are a bit hectic with lots going on so I'm rushing off to do more bits and pieces.
Have a great week and thanks for your interest!
Best wishes

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Whilst out Christmas shopping...

I love Christmas and I enjoy browsing the stores this time of year. I intended to cross some items of my gift list today and I did purchase some of what I was looking for ..... but...... well... I got ever so slightly off track!! Instead of shopping for others, I ended up finding things for myself. I love Christmas decorations!
Well as soon as I saw this reindeer I fell in love with her! I've christened her Ruby.

Isn't she sweet holding her little bundle of Christmas presents? She is almost 2 and a half ft tall.
Her pinafore is made from hessian and she has twiggy antlers! All ready for Christmas! I think she would make a special welcome greeter at the front door!
As for some of my other purchases, I'll show you them soon.
Right now I'd better focus on my gift list and get sorted!
I hope to post tomorrow for 'Whatcha workin' on' Wed.
Until then, best wishes

Friday, 13 November 2009

It's all in the wording...

Hey one and all, it's a lovely day here and it truly helps me feel good when the sun is shining :-)
So today is a good day even though things don't always turn out the way I expected them to - which brings me to the title of this post 'It's all in the wording...'
This is to do with my latest purchase off Ebay... Hmmm, sometimes I love it, sometimes I don't.
Probably, though the mistake is my fault because I got too pleased with myself for finding a 'bargain' and didn't take time to read the description properly. What can you accurately tell from a photo with a blank background? I thought I was looking at 3 stoneware jars - well, I was looking at 3 stoneware jars which were 7" high - or so I mistakenly thought. Seemed I was going to get all 3 for 99p! I couldn't believe they were going so cheap!
The package arrived very promptly yesterday. No way could there be 3 stoneware crocks in there! And sure enough there were 3 inside but they only measured 7 cms highIt's so confusing when some people use inches and others use cms. So now I've got 3 itty bitty jars when I was hoping for larger ones to put prim displays in. Oh well, you live and learn and next time I'll check the wording more closely.
Speaking of wording, my 10 year old daughter is playing tricks with my word blocks. It started as a game one evening - you know when you try to make as many words out of one longer word.
Only now she leaves me coded messages from these letters in the kitchen
So this morning she made up this
She has been working very hard this past couple of months in preparation for math and English tests all 10/11 year olds take over here to decide on their high school so we would value your prayers for her over the next 3 Saturdays when she will be taking them.

Here's my finished sampler all framed up - these really are hard work but enjoyable too!Now I'll be able to do some Christmas ones. There's a word I do like the sound of- Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.
Thanks again for taking the time to visit - your company is - what's the right word? -
PRICELESS! and I appreciate your kind words and wishes!
Best wishes

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wednesday, and what am I workin' on?

Well, I'm stitchin' when I get the chance and trying to make more Christmas pieces and tweaking here and there. My little prim room as I call it is littered with scraps and threads and bits and pieces I should really have put away for next year. I thought about being brave and showing you the room I sew in but I'm too embarrassed - it's way too 'through- othered' as we say. ( Do you use that expression, meaning it's all messed up and untidy?) Anyway, this is a peak in through the door because at least you can't see the muddle that's lurking behind the door! hehe!

Some of these days I'll sort it out and show you in behind the door! When I'm braver! Or tidier and I don't reckon that will happen soon!
Well, remember my bowls from Monday? I got the other one painted in a nice Christmassy red and put some delicious smelling fixins in it of vanilla cookies and a candle

Apart from that I've only had time to do some cross-stitch and it's made me quite cross already! Stitching on osnaburg is a sore trial. It's so hard to keep it even.
This is a Stacy Nash Primitives freebie I found on a trawl through Patternmart. Can't wait to finish it and do some Christmas ones.
As always, best wishes and thanks for taking an interest in the humble happenings of my home!

Monday, 9 November 2009

I spy with my little eye...!

Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend - it is so cold here but thankfully a dry day and I got my power walk in before having to go to school for my little one. I also had to run some business errands for hubby in town this morning and as I was driving through town, a furniture/bedding shop window caught my eye - you know what it's like when you're always on the look out for prims! lol!! This particular shop is definitely not one I'd visit often so I was surprised to see wooden bowls in the window and just had to go in and investigate further. Imagine my delight when I saw these bowls reduced to just £1 each!!!

Of course at the back of my mind was the bowl makeover featured last week on APP, so I'm going to paint one of the bowls. The other I decided to leave as is because I like the mustard wood tone and it stands out well in my bowl rack, don't ya think?Well that made my day so I'm off to paint the other bowl and will post back when it's done, so bye for now and thanks for calling in - especially all recent friends who have joined in my blog, thanks so much! And thanks one and all who leave a comment, it's great to hear from you all!
Best wishes

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Burning Candles

I'm just popping in for a quick post about burning candles safely which have a candle hugger around them - a question raised wisely by Parsley - thanks!
I have candle jars in a couple of different sizes and at different stages of use so I tried them out to make sure they are good to use with woolfelt wrapped around them.
This first one is pretty new and the jar is taller than the size of the wraparound so it burnt away merrily for an hour with no problems.Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I don't burn candles for more than an hour at any one time as I'm wary of leaving them any longer in case the glass cracks.
The next candle I used is much older and about half used. It's in a smaller jar and I did notice that the sides of the jar were quite warm - not hot, but I still felt it was OK to leave it a bit longer but I personally wouldn't leave it more than an hour.
I have a friend who tells me that one of her customers bought a very well known brand candle jar and it cracked whilst burning so I'd rather be safe than sorry. So hope that helps and I'd be grateful for any other tips and advice.
Have a safe day!
Best wishes

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ever feel like hibernating?

Hello, fellow bloggers, from my wintery part of the world! It's been a lot colder here since we entered Nov. not to mention very dull and rainy - makes me want to curl up and sleep.
However since that's not possible I've been doing a little sewing and indulging in another favorite pastime of mine - watching period costume dramas. Ever since I was little and saw 'Little House on the Prairie' I've loved immersing my self and my imagination in life in another time and space. So I've just watched one of my all time favorites; 'Pride and Prejudice'. Oh I just love a good old fashioned romance and Colin Firth as Mr Darcy is brilliant. I've another DVD lined up for the weekend - it's Jane Eyre and another classic.

Enough of my swaning around in the 1800's! I'm also the kind of person who imagines I'll be all prepared for Christmas in Nov. And you've guessed it - I never am so organized but I still enjoy last minute preparations. Well, I decided to make a start on small gifts for friends etc.
I love these woolfelt candle wraparound that I designed myself.
I need to put the finishing details on the gingerbreadmen.
I got another freebie cross stitch completed for my Christmas decorations

Lastly, here's a prim stocking I'm still working on. Think I'll add some rusty bells down the front of it and put greenery and red berries in the top of it and possibly add a X-stitched 1796 date to it.
Well that's all for now. Hope you all have a great week.