Saturday, 27 June 2009

America, The beautiful!

Before we leave for our trip to the USA, I just want to wish everyone a happy 4th July. We are so excited to be able to share in the celebrations this year.

And a big thank you to those who have recently signed up to follow - your taking the time to read my blog is much appreciated.

So long for now,
Best wishes

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hello and thanks for visiting. We've been enjoying some really good weather lately and so I've been outside enjoying the sunshine and keeping the lawn in trim, which is why I've neglected my blog. We had a great BBQ for Father's Day at my FIL's. It was nice catching up with the family. Sunday was also our annual Children's Day service at church with the Sunday school all taking part and it was a very enjoyable occasion.

Things are also getting very exciting for us in the countdown to our vacation. As you can imagine I'm rushing around trying to make sure we've got everything - not to mention all the laundry. So the suitcases are set out ready to pack. All being well, we should be in Maryland in just five days time!!!! Naturally I've checked out some prim stores to visit and I have to say I can't wait to go to Intercourse in Lancaster County - the stores there look awesome!

This is a little addition to my Americana pillow collection. I had never come across fabric yo- yos before but thought this looked good on print. If any one knows how and why fabric yo-yos came to be I'd love to know.

I went rummaging through some boxes of past crafting items and came across Miss Kitty USA as I named her and had to put her on the shelf for more Americana decor.
Finally got around to adding a table runner on the kitchen table - just a piece of fabric I bought because I love it! I folded it for now and then at some stage I'll use it for other projects.

I don't know if I'll manage to post again before we go - but until next time have a great time,
Best wishes

Friday, 19 June 2009

I love being a country girl!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my part of the world. Today was rather cloudy but I put on my raincoat and went for my daily walk and these are some of the views on the country roads from my home. We live several miles out of town - my choice, because I grew up in the country surrounded by open fields and lots of fresh air. It will always be the best life for me as my fondest childhood memories are those carefree days spent roaming the fields and woods, playing in little streams and building hide-aways. It was always fun and so exciting and I want that kind of life for my kids.

The hedges are full of beautiful honeysuckle and the scent is delicious on the breeze. Just to breathe in fills me with happiness.

Along this little road that I take is a traditional Irish smallholding. It would have been a working farm a century ago, but now a little country cottage. It's rare to find these nowadays. Sad to say most are bulldozed to make way for grand country homes. The outbuildings are whitewashed and red seems to be the original color to paint the doors and pillar tops and railings. This is what I term 'Irish prim'!

Thanks for your company and I hope the fresh air has done you good! Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Like to Visit some more?

Welcome back and come on down the hall, turn right and enter the kitchen. Now I have to warn you not to expect anything prim here, much as I'd like to have it that way. We only recently updated our kitchen units and appliances, which was before I discovered the wonderful world of primitives etc. The cupboard doors, though, are supposed to be shaker style or at least that's what the brochures say. They are light oak in finish and the counter tops are black granite effect. We used tiles for the splashback and it is practical when it comes to cleaning.

This is the open shelf you see first as you enter, so at least here I can put out some of my favorite items. The units and counter are arranged in a U-shape.

The kitchen is open plan to the family den, really just a TV viewing area. It's one of the rooms I'd love to do more prim decorating in, but these things take time so I am learning to be patient and prioritise.

Also in the corner is a special little chair which has quite a history. My dad did up an old place which was 100 years old and he found this chair which he used for standing on whilst painting!
I claimed it after we moved in as the little cottage was our first home when we married. I will confess I painted it and stenciled flowers on the back rest - something I soon regreted. Just last year I stripped all the yucky paint off and thought it was pretty prim.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Have a great week and I'll catch up with everyone's blogs.
Best wishes

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

You're Invited - Virtual Visit

Dear Prim Friends, You're all invited to drop by for a virtual visit! So come and make yourself at home! (You see for want of anything prim to share, I thought I'd show you some of my part of the world over the next few posts. I was out walking and really enjoyed the views and thought you might too, so the idea popped into my head to share this on my blog.)

First of all this is our quiet little street and this is what you see as you turn into it from the road -
Everything looks so much nicer on a sunny day! By the way, that's the fence I've been painting recently, on the left. So take a left and approach our 80's 'chalet style' home:
Our main living room has the bay window and the other front window hides my prim den and sewing/computer room! Come on up to the front door and enter the hall:Here you can see the hall lamp table which was one of my first pieces to decorate with the few prim treasures I have. I especially love the little Americana basket which holds some hand made apples and a little gingerbread man I left in since Christmas - he's really cute! Uncle Sam's there too all ready for 4th July!
Now then step inside and this is the view down the narrow hallway which leads to the kitchen:

Well, I'll tidy up the kitchen and then take more pics for next time and hope to see you again soon! Hope you enjoyed so far!

Friday, 5 June 2009

The finished article!

Just had to let you see my little bench all newly painted and lightly sanded. Now I've got it in the kitchen my original ideas don't seem to fit quite so well and I'm having a rethink. Any suggestions as to what I could put with it are welcome!
I got the instructions for this bench from Kris's blog SimplyPrim so be sure to check it out as she also has other wonderful prim tutorials.

Have a great day
Love Christine

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Wood work! Wish it would!

Hello again, everyone! thought it was about time to post again and had every intention of posting yesterday but things fell apart - literally! I had been trying my unskilled hand at a bit of carpentry and well may you laugh! The little prim bench I hoped to make was a comical disaster and did just fall apart. But I am not the type to give up without a fight and had another go today and 'tah dah!' here is my still 'not-so-perfect' little bench.
Now I can't wait to paint it! Hope I get a chance tonight and I'll post the finished article asap.

I have a spot in my kitchen picked out and waiting for it and plenty of ideas as to how it I will arrange things with it - does anyone else do that - just sit and dream up MORE prim things to do around the house? Think I know the answer to that!

Speaking of which, the weather over here has been so good that I have had to spend time outside trying to tidy up around the house, and plant some flowers to brighten the place up a bit.
Here's a look at the front of our humble home,( and there is still a lot to do.) The kids and I have painted the fence in the evenings - it's good they like to get involved.

I've also been busy quilting and have to say even though it is a work of patience, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It must be good therapy after a busy day to sit and stitch and calm down. Usually I'm so impatient but I'm hoping all this work will pay off and I'll have a nice quilt.

Can't wait to do more wood working and get the power tools out again - I can see more benches appearing about the place - just need to curb the impatience! LOL!
Best wishes