Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Whilst out Christmas shopping...

I love Christmas and I enjoy browsing the stores this time of year. I intended to cross some items of my gift list today and I did purchase some of what I was looking for ..... but...... well... I got ever so slightly off track!! Instead of shopping for others, I ended up finding things for myself. I love Christmas decorations!
Well as soon as I saw this reindeer I fell in love with her! I've christened her Ruby.

Isn't she sweet holding her little bundle of Christmas presents? She is almost 2 and a half ft tall.
Her pinafore is made from hessian and she has twiggy antlers! All ready for Christmas! I think she would make a special welcome greeter at the front door!
As for some of my other purchases, I'll show you them soon.
Right now I'd better focus on my gift list and get sorted!
I hope to post tomorrow for 'Whatcha workin' on' Wed.
Until then, best wishes


  1. Hi Christine,
    Ruby is just adorable and she'll be perfect at the front door to greet guests! It's so easy to get side tracked this time of year with all the eye candy the stores put out! Hugs, Loretta

  2. Ruby is so cute Christine. I bet your guests will just love her greeting them at the door.

  3. I really love to work with hessian. Think I might have been tempted as well!!!!!!!!

  4. Ruby is a doll. She looks lovely in her little spot.
    Blessings, GG

  5. Love your little reindeer! I can see why you couldn't pass her up. We will be starting our shopping soon. Can't believe how quickly Christmas is coming!!


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