Friday, 13 November 2009

It's all in the wording...

Hey one and all, it's a lovely day here and it truly helps me feel good when the sun is shining :-)
So today is a good day even though things don't always turn out the way I expected them to - which brings me to the title of this post 'It's all in the wording...'
This is to do with my latest purchase off Ebay... Hmmm, sometimes I love it, sometimes I don't.
Probably, though the mistake is my fault because I got too pleased with myself for finding a 'bargain' and didn't take time to read the description properly. What can you accurately tell from a photo with a blank background? I thought I was looking at 3 stoneware jars - well, I was looking at 3 stoneware jars which were 7" high - or so I mistakenly thought. Seemed I was going to get all 3 for 99p! I couldn't believe they were going so cheap!
The package arrived very promptly yesterday. No way could there be 3 stoneware crocks in there! And sure enough there were 3 inside but they only measured 7 cms highIt's so confusing when some people use inches and others use cms. So now I've got 3 itty bitty jars when I was hoping for larger ones to put prim displays in. Oh well, you live and learn and next time I'll check the wording more closely.
Speaking of wording, my 10 year old daughter is playing tricks with my word blocks. It started as a game one evening - you know when you try to make as many words out of one longer word.
Only now she leaves me coded messages from these letters in the kitchen
So this morning she made up this
She has been working very hard this past couple of months in preparation for math and English tests all 10/11 year olds take over here to decide on their high school so we would value your prayers for her over the next 3 Saturdays when she will be taking them.

Here's my finished sampler all framed up - these really are hard work but enjoyable too!Now I'll be able to do some Christmas ones. There's a word I do like the sound of- Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.
Thanks again for taking the time to visit - your company is - what's the right word? -
PRICELESS! and I appreciate your kind words and wishes!
Best wishes


  1. UGH! What a bummer about those crocks. But on the bright side they are cute, and you bought them at a good price...only $.33 each!
    Have a great weekend friend!

  2. I am sorry about your pots! Good thing is they are cute ;)So cute about your daughter changing your blocks. Would have made me laugh out loud when I saw that. Have a great weekend :0)

  3. The sampler looks just lovely all framed up. And I love the little pots. I think it is so cute yur daughter having fun with your letters.
    Blessings, GG

  4. I think the crocks are so neat, it could have been arriving chipped and cracked:)

    Love your sampler, I still have to try the osenberg yet, soon I hope:)

    What a great daughter putting a smile on your face:)

  5. They may not have been what you expected but they are really cute.


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