Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ever feel like hibernating?

Hello, fellow bloggers, from my wintery part of the world! It's been a lot colder here since we entered Nov. not to mention very dull and rainy - makes me want to curl up and sleep.
However since that's not possible I've been doing a little sewing and indulging in another favorite pastime of mine - watching period costume dramas. Ever since I was little and saw 'Little House on the Prairie' I've loved immersing my self and my imagination in life in another time and space. So I've just watched one of my all time favorites; 'Pride and Prejudice'. Oh I just love a good old fashioned romance and Colin Firth as Mr Darcy is brilliant. I've another DVD lined up for the weekend - it's Jane Eyre and another classic.

Enough of my swaning around in the 1800's! I'm also the kind of person who imagines I'll be all prepared for Christmas in Nov. And you've guessed it - I never am so organized but I still enjoy last minute preparations. Well, I decided to make a start on small gifts for friends etc.
I love these woolfelt candle wraparound that I designed myself.
I need to put the finishing details on the gingerbreadmen.
I got another freebie cross stitch completed for my Christmas decorations

Lastly, here's a prim stocking I'm still working on. Think I'll add some rusty bells down the front of it and put greenery and red berries in the top of it and possibly add a X-stitched 1796 date to it.
Well that's all for now. Hope you all have a great week.


  1. Love your candle wraps! The Christmas trees are my favorite! Enjoy your movies!!

  2. Everything is wonderful Christine! I especially love the snowflake. I am just about to try my hand at a Xstitch snowflake. I hope it turns out as beautifully as yours! Hugs, Loretta

  3. Are candle warmers safe to leave on a burning candle with the heat? Looks so nice, I wouldn't want to take it off.


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