Friday, 23 October 2009

Visit with my friend and late Wed. post

Well - this post was supposed to be on Wed. but...... I'm embarrassed to confess that the project I was working on turned out to be less than perfect - in fact I couldn't bring myself to post about it and binned it. Oh well, nothing major, I just moved on, paint brush in hand! Now my DH jokes that he'd better not sit still too long or I'll paint him with my black paint also! LOL!

This is a little side table that was supposed to be thrown out by the previous owners of our home, but I thought it had possibilities.So I took it out to the garage and sanded off the orange varnish and to prim it up a bit I painted the legs black to make it look like those prim tables I've seen in Country Sampler.
The top still looks orange in this pic but it is lighter as I used a more mellow varnish on it.
I put it back in my 'prim' room and just decorated it simply

A few weeks ago, I had arranged to have a day out with a friend but she ended up in hospital unfortunately for a few days. Thankfully she's doing well now and we had our get together at a lovely gift shop and tea room about a half hour from where I live.
It's a really quaint looking shoppe in mock Tudor style. Here's the fall display window:
Inside the owners have arranged the floor layout like a Victorian street with rooms filled with some prim wares, some vintage French style goods and paper and stationary,cards etc. There's a wonderful fireplace and stove which I managed to snap

Sad to say, though, most things were too pricey so I kept my wallet shut until I found some Christmas blocks but I'll keep those until I decorate for Christmas.

We had a good time catching up with each others news and shopping. We plan to visit again soon and I'm excited as she's going to help me with the binding on my quilt. Yay!

A special thanks to all new followers and readers of my blog. I realize there are so many great blogs out there that I appreciate you taking the time to visit with me. Thanks so much!
Have a great weekend


  1. I love your table! It's perfectly prim, I love bringing new life to someone else trash!! Glad to hear your friend is doing better and that you were able to spend some time together!

  2. Your project looks good to me!

  3. That is a great makeover. Your table looks wonderful, and it does look like it came right out of Country Sampler! The store you visited looks darling too. Their window displays are cute as can be, perfect for fall. Blessings.

  4. Hi Christine,
    Your table came out prim-tastic! That shop looks wonderful! I don't know if I could have left with only one thing :) There's nothing like having a good friend to go shopping with! I'm glad you had a nice time together. Hugs, Loretta

  5. Oh I love love what you done to your table. You did a fabulous job!


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