Friday, 9 October 2009

A few more bits'n pieces

Hello, once again, so good of you to pay me a little visit in my corner of blogland where things are preferably prim! I have a few more bits 'n pieces to share with you, tho' I could have entitled this post 'What are you going to do with all this stuff?' At least that's what I've just been asked by my longsuffering hubby. In my previous post I said how he was the one who encouraged me to start a blog of my own, but now I think he seriously regrets this,lol!:o) I love all the patterns and designs and craft tutorials so much that I'm always trying something. As a result DH comes home for dinner and finds me up to the elbows in paint,stain, sawdust and needles and pins everywhere just for good measure! Such was the scene this very afternoon in our home because I had been working on , ohh, let me count, probably about four different projects all at once.
Bemused, he raised an eyebrow and asked the question above!! It's true - quite possibly the stuff is taking over. But I still feel I've a long way to go in achieving the prim look. It is for us tho' a matter of compromise with regards to where I can decorate in the way I like.

That said, here's my latest effort at woodworking. When I saw this last month on Char's blog, and how easily made it seemed to be, I knew I'd have to give it a shot.

I have it simply decorated with some leaves and horse chestnuts we gathered on a lovely autumn walk yesterday. The candle in the pic was another of Char's tutorials on painting candles. I got a couple of cheap candles and tried adding the dish cleaning detergent to paint and did the pumpkin but I need proper craft paints as my paints were too watery and thin. It's definitely worth a try and if I get it perfected I'd make some for Christmas gifts.

Now whilst all this paint was drying, I needed to keep my hands busy and got sewing this pumpkin stitchery for a tea towel to hang in the kitchen. Now before anyone thinks my DH didn't get his dinner, let me assure you that he is well fed tonight again and I didn't burn anything (which makes a change!).
One of the reasons I was able to do these projects was due to my friend having to cancel our outing yesterday. We were so looking forward to catching up with eachother when she called to tell me she was in agony with gall stones and was waiting for the doctors to decide what to do. So I feel so sorry for her and hope and pray all goes well for her to make a speedy recovery.
We'll get to that nice little gift shop some of these days!

Well I've rambled on long enough. Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a lovely weekend,

Best wishes


  1. The painted candle is something I'd like to try.

  2. I love that table bench...I have to add it to my list!!!

  3. You have truly been blessed with the ability to multi-task! I love the stitchery and the table bench is so cute. If you ever find that you are running out of space please don't hesitate to ask for my address.

    Hugs ~ Tonya


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