Saturday, 22 August 2009

Texture of HOME

I have been following with interest the 'Textures of Home' challenge, and really love seeing the beautiful snapshots of people's homes and treasured possessions. So much so that even whilst trying to sleep last night, the term texture kept spinning around in my mind as I tried to define it re. my home. I just checked in my small dictionary and read this very concise definition:
Texture: n. character, structure; consistency.
So I've been turning this over and over in my mind a lot, not just to do with texture but also because as a family we've been thinking about home improvements lately. It's made me re-evaluate what home and its texture, or as the dictionary definition puts it, the' character' of my home or its 'structure' is really like.
Added to this, my older daughter has become increasingly aware of our home and lifestyle in comparison to her peers' and our friends', family's and neighbors' homes. Very naturally, she is asking why we don't have such-and-such in our home or why certain things are old-fashioned looking or just plain ready to be thrown out! So you can see that it's been quite the talking point in our home and has led to some very useful and positive discussions with the kids about what we have or don't have and what HOME really is.
So here is my rather quirky view of our home and what I have come to realize is what makes a house a home - it's not some of my favorite prims though I love them:

It's made up of things like brushing the tangles out of my daughter's lovely hair each day, or trying to keep my son's jeans clean and patching up the holes in the knees
or scrubbing an oil stain out of the carpet from my husband's work shoes, which reminds me of his love and care for us as a family; or cleaning one of Cerys's scribbles off the wall or her sticky paw prints off the glass. These are the things which remind me I'm home because we're together and safe and we want the best for our family not just materially but emotionally and spiritually. I feel loved here and that's hard to capture on a camera. I'm blessed in the texture of my home. My nearly-finished X-stitch sums it up:Blessings to all,


  1. Oh these are great!
    Don't you hate it when your mind won't turn off when you are trying to get to sleep? UGH!

  2. Very nice post Christine, love the one of your daughters hair!

  3. Christine, I love your post - you know what is truly valuable, cherished parts of a home.

  4. Very nice post, Christine! I agree, it's more than material things that make a home! Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,

  5. Beautiful post. You are absolutely right, it is not the things inside which make a house a home, but rather it is the people we love who can turn a simple abode into a family mansion. Thanks for reminding all of us.


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