Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sunflowers and crows

We're back round to Wednesday again and I seem to be getting into a midweek spin - but maybe that's due to taking the kids to a special swim camp every day this week. As they're each at different stages it means the times are different but they are all loving it and they are improving; definitely waterbabies! It's feels like we need revolving doors fitted, though!

Amid the activity, or maybe I should re-phrase that, chaos, of the past couple of days I managed to complete some crafts. I fell in love with the sunflowers in Char's tutorial on The Pickled Pepper Patch and had to give it a try. They were easy to make and as I didn't have a rusty spring I put mine in an old jar after covering the stems in green wool felt. That meant the shelf had to be re-arranged and this is what I've come up with for now:

The second thing I made was this sign but as yet I don't know where to hang it.

We had a chuckle about the sign because sometimes I feel like an old crow always cawing at the children and the day passes in a flurry of making meals and doing laundry! Ohh the joys of motherhood!!! Seriously, it is one of those worries of mine, if I can bare my heart for a moment; I do long to be the best I can be for my children and their future, I feel, depends a lot on my role and all that involves. So I'm praying for more patience and understanding and clinging to the promise 'The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.' I know for sure I can't do this job on my own!

Before I go, I would just like to give a warm welcome to those of you who have joined my blog: it means so much to think there are others who take the time to read something I write.
Until next time,

Best wishes from this old crow!!


  1. If you're an old crow, then I'd have to be one and, I'm not. LOL

    Have a great day!

  2. Love those sunflowers...I do want to try them if I ever get the time! Maybe when the yard sale is over this weekend:)

  3. Hi Christine,
    The sunflowers are beautiful and the display is just perfect. You also did a great job on the sign. Make sure you post when you find a spot for it. Hugs, Loretta

  4. Luv your sunflowers.I read her tutorial on those too and want to get some made.Have to put those on my list of things to make:0)Sherri


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