Saturday, 15 August 2009

Still enjoying summer

Happy weekend everyone and I hope you are still enjoying summer - I know I am. As I read through everyone's blogs I can feel the growing sense of excitement as fall approaches. But I have to confess that I'm more of a summer lover. I always love the freedom summer brings when you can throw away timetables and rigid routines - at least for a bit.
And I love the way everything blooms and bursts with life and vigor and color. I even love having my three boisterous, and at times, aggravating children at home all day with me for nine whole weeks! Here's my 'terrifying trio' today having funWe were at a BBQ and funday where the kids could have their face painted and they love it.
As you can see, Cerys went for the girlie pink butterfly look, whilst David wanted the scary look and how he does, face painted or not as his sisters will tell you! Caralyn chose the tiger face and she's a pussy cat really, but watch out for her claws!
One of the things I always remember my dad saying was 'Don't wish your life away' and it goes fast enough so I'm enjoying summer while it's here!
Have a lovely weekend

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  1. I just can't 'love' summer anymore. The only reason I liked summer as a kid was not having school work.

    It's SO HOT I can't enjoy summer as an adult. Yard work. blick

    But, to each his/her own. I like the holidays of fall and winter and will look forward to them with gusto!


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