Saturday, 8 August 2009

Some free time

Today I have the luxury of a few minutes free time just to sit and ponder over things. I have been thinking of family blessings again. Yesterday i experienced one of those heart-stopping moments when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Cerys try to do a flip in the trampoline and land in a crumple. I ran over and knew she was in pain as her eyes rolled back and I thought she was going to pass out! What a dreadful scare - she passed out once before and nearly swallowed her tongue.
Thankfully she only seemed to have winded herself and we both calmed down a little later.
I've also browsed through Country Sampler again and as always have some ideas to try soon.
But the most I can do today is to go shopping for prims in a flight of fancy. So if you care to join me we could shop here. There's plenty to choose from
And then I'd definitely pick something from hereWe might possibly find more goodies in this little nookWell, I've relived some great times and enjoyed the trip. Hope you have too!
Best wishes whatever you're doing

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  1. Hearing about the trampoline incident scared me! My daughter is a daredevil on ours.


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