Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My Wednesday

Hope everyone's well this Wednesday. We've had a fun 24 hours with a bit of a break from the norm. As my hubby was away overnight on business, the kids and myself had a nice mini-break at my mom and dad's 'B&B'!! We know we'll always be pampered there!
As a final treat before school starts back next week, the kids got to go to 'Build-a-Bear' though David wanted 'Hotwheels' cars instead. Here's the new outfits for the girls' bearsWhile we were shopping we picked out a birthday present for my niece who becomes a teenager this weekend. I think we got her the perfect gift as she loves all things pink and is a real girlie-girl.
Don't you think it's so pretty? It's made from baby corduroy. This is a close up of the little fabric owl which hangs from the strap. We all went 'AWWW!!! It's gorgeous!' Now my daughters want one too!

With all this running around I just about managed to get my cross stitch finished so here it is
This pic doesn't show up the tea staining on it so in real life it is older looking. I so enjoyed doing this one that I've already started my next one. Thanks so much to Primitive Betty's for these freebies.
Before I go here are some more pics of textures of my home:

Best wishes until next time


  1. Those Build-a-Bears are so cute!! I'm so glad they weren't around when my kids were little, other wise my house would be filled with them!! One of my sisters makes one for each of her grandkids on their 1st birthday and has a recordable device inserted in them saying, "Happy 1st Birthday (insert name), Grandma loves you!"
    Your stitchery turned out great and I love your texture pics!

    Take care,

  2. What a great idea to go to a B&B with the kids.
    Relaxation at its best!
    Love your home textures!

  3. That pink bag is precious. I imagine any young girl would be excited to have that. I really like your cross stitch too. You did a great job on it, and thanks for showing us more of the pretty textures of your home. Blessings to you.


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