Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Are you a B.A.T.?

With growing concern, I think I'm becoming a BAT or Blog Addict Too! LOL! I know I've mentioned this before but as I'm laughing at myself I thought I'd check and see if anyone else is as hopelessly addicted as me.

So just for fun I've come up with a quick test so that you can find out!!

1. When you get up each morning do you
a. rush to turn on the computer
b.rush for coffee/tea
c.rush to work?

2.As soon as you've posted a new post do you
a. check back almost straight away for comments
b.go off to do other things
c.forget all about it for days?

3.When you go out for the day do you
a.bring your camera for photos just in case you could use them in a post
b. enjoy the day and maybe post about it
c. switch off and relax and forget about your blog?

4.When you're out shopping do you
a. forget what you need because you're thinking of your blog
b. get most of your goods
c. focus on the job in hand?

5.When you go to bed at night do you
a.find it hard to sleep for thinking about blog topics?
b.think about a variety of things
c.drift off into sweet and pleasant slumber?

Now for the results: mostly a's - you're DEFINITELY a B.A.T.!!!!!

mostly b's - you're on the way to becoming a B.A.T.!

mostly c's - turn off now while you're still sane!!!!

I know I need to get a life!!!
Hope you had a laugh and enjoyed my little test - all I ask is for you to tell me how you got on!
You know I'll be checking for comments right away!!


  1. I must be a BAT! To me it fills a void. I think God has used my blog so I can visit with others I would never meet in person in my little corner of the world. It's been a blessing...so maybe it isn't such a bad thing to be a BAT.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this addiction. I too am guilty of most of the problems you have listed on your test. It all started so innocently, I was just looking for some decorating ideas on the internet. Before too long, I had a blog of my own and was reading more than 200 other blogs! Thank goodness they don't all update everyday or I might never get my real work done. Oh well, at least it is a cheap addiction, unlike some others, and I could stop if I ever wanted to. But why would I want to!


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