Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Prim overload? Just in my suitcases!!!

Hello, hello, hello! Long time no post but we're back home safe and sound and just jet lagged!
And what a trip we've had - so many memorable, wonderful experiences on our vacation. It was simply great to be a family having fun together and truly enjoying the sights and sounds that are the USA. Like pledging allegiance to the flag at Chick and Ruth's delly in Annapolis, splashing around in Chesapeake bay or screaming on the roller coasters at Six Flags. All in all it was fantastic!We visited Washington DC and saw the beautiful State Capitol building and of course the White house.But if I'm being really honest, the highlight of the trip for me was our time in Lancaster County.
I so admire the Amish people. Their farms are a testament to their hard work and diligence.
We did the tourist thing and visited The Amish Village for an insight into their way of life.
Then it was time to do some serious prim shopping and I was not disappointed! I think I walked about with my chin scraping the floor mostly - they were awesome!Most stores had signs saying no photos to be taken but here's one I just managed to snap!There was too much stuff!!!!! It was all that I'd hoped to find and more - just too much to carry home and way more than I could spend.. Looking back at these pics makes me want to get back there right now.

Anyway I need some sleep but wanted to catch up with everyone and wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday.

Will post more pics of some of my purchases soon - when I get done with laundry lol!


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  1. I just mentioned to my husband yesterday that I hadn't heard from you and I was wondering if you were home. I'm so glad you and your family enjoyed your stay. I can' wait to see all your goodies! Lord willing, I'm hoping to make it to Lancaster County in August.



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