Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Hello, friends and a warm Wednesday welcome. Hope you are all enjoying summer as much as we are. The children are making the most of the great outdoors; we've been cycling, exploring nearby woods for 'adventures' and splashing about in the streams - good fun being a big kid again!

I have managed to complete a few simple sewing ideas - don't know about anyone else but I seem to get all fired up about a certain theme or idea for awhile - eg stars or sheep, and at the minute it's pineapples. I particularly like the one in Kathy's header on Bittersweet Farm.
I've changed the americana display to the one above - pared back a bit and simplified. Seems like everyone is thinking of fall already! though I'm not prepared to give up summer fun yet!

When the kids were tired out in the evening, I had time to come up with this pillow also - remember I said I had some ideas in mind for this kind of thing after I got the little appliqued one on holiday.
Looking out now I can see some gray clouds, but we're going out to a fun kids play park now and then to visit family.
So best wishes for a great week'