Thursday, 30 July 2009


Just realized that yesterday, somehow I managed to disable the comments button. DOH! That's another reason why this post is entitled 'Pear-shaped'! I'm still pretty much a blogging novice as you can tell, so please forgive the mistake - it was entirely unintentional as I know I look forward to hearing from you.

The other reason for posting today was to share my new ebay purchase. Sad to say though I bought it from a great girl from Northern Ireland who is closing her web based prim business. And if you get the chance visit her picturetrail at
I made these pears some time ago and this new dough bowl in red came today in the mail and Caralyn said, 'You're excited!' Well, suppose I was - a bit!
And quickly here's another quick appliqued pear I had time to sew the other day and got it in a frame. (think I'll paint the frame, now that I see it on print.) Now I think it's time for some homebaking with my three always hungry children.

Will catch up with you all again soon.
Best wishes

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  1. Well...I like the pear but love the pineapples. I'm such a bore when it comes to decorating my house.


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