Saturday, 25 July 2009

Like mother, like daughter!?

Just had to share this with you as I'm so pleased to see my oldest daughter trying some needlework. Maybe some of her mother is rubbing off on her! As often as not my needle and thread are not too far from hand - better to keep those hands from being idle, as my own mother used to tell me - so I was delighted when, all of her own accord, Caralyn asked if she could sew something and this is all of her own design and making! We plan to frame it and hang it in their bedroom. Isn't it lovely? I'm so proud of her for trying it. It has also been a rewarding experience to get to share in the process together and teach her something useful and enjoyable. Just another of those family blessings I'm so thankful for!

Here's a little stitchery I made whilst Caralyn worked on hers - I love mini pictures and prints, not least because they're quick to finish.Will post again soon as I've some more projects to finish and share soon.
Best wishes and thanks for your interest

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  1. She's a lovely girl. I wish I had sewing/stitching skills.


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