Friday, 31 July 2009

Wonderful news!

I have just the best news to share! My youngest daughter, Cerys told me that she wnted to be saved and I had the joy and privilege of leading her to the LORD - Praise Him! It is marvellous to see your own children coming to simple faith in Christ. It is a real answer to prayer. We are thinking about Isaiah 12 this week and I want to leave this verse as it spoke to us,
'O LORD, I will praise thee, Though thou wast angry with me thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortedst me.'
Best wishes

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Just realized that yesterday, somehow I managed to disable the comments button. DOH! That's another reason why this post is entitled 'Pear-shaped'! I'm still pretty much a blogging novice as you can tell, so please forgive the mistake - it was entirely unintentional as I know I look forward to hearing from you.

The other reason for posting today was to share my new ebay purchase. Sad to say though I bought it from a great girl from Northern Ireland who is closing her web based prim business. And if you get the chance visit her picturetrail at
I made these pears some time ago and this new dough bowl in red came today in the mail and Caralyn said, 'You're excited!' Well, suppose I was - a bit!
And quickly here's another quick appliqued pear I had time to sew the other day and got it in a frame. (think I'll paint the frame, now that I see it on print.) Now I think it's time for some homebaking with my three always hungry children.

Will catch up with you all again soon.
Best wishes

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Hello, friends and a warm Wednesday welcome. Hope you are all enjoying summer as much as we are. The children are making the most of the great outdoors; we've been cycling, exploring nearby woods for 'adventures' and splashing about in the streams - good fun being a big kid again!

I have managed to complete a few simple sewing ideas - don't know about anyone else but I seem to get all fired up about a certain theme or idea for awhile - eg stars or sheep, and at the minute it's pineapples. I particularly like the one in Kathy's header on Bittersweet Farm.
I've changed the americana display to the one above - pared back a bit and simplified. Seems like everyone is thinking of fall already! though I'm not prepared to give up summer fun yet!

When the kids were tired out in the evening, I had time to come up with this pillow also - remember I said I had some ideas in mind for this kind of thing after I got the little appliqued one on holiday.
Looking out now I can see some gray clouds, but we're going out to a fun kids play park now and then to visit family.
So best wishes for a great week'

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Like mother, like daughter!?

Just had to share this with you as I'm so pleased to see my oldest daughter trying some needlework. Maybe some of her mother is rubbing off on her! As often as not my needle and thread are not too far from hand - better to keep those hands from being idle, as my own mother used to tell me - so I was delighted when, all of her own accord, Caralyn asked if she could sew something and this is all of her own design and making! We plan to frame it and hang it in their bedroom. Isn't it lovely? I'm so proud of her for trying it. It has also been a rewarding experience to get to share in the process together and teach her something useful and enjoyable. Just another of those family blessings I'm so thankful for!

Here's a little stitchery I made whilst Caralyn worked on hers - I love mini pictures and prints, not least because they're quick to finish.Will post again soon as I've some more projects to finish and share soon.
Best wishes and thanks for your interest

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Just a quick post to let you know that I've added a link on the sidebar( right) for you to view some of our vacation photos. There are two albums; one of Lancaster County and another of Annapolis. It is a lovely city with some quaint historic streets and houses. I totally enjoyed wandering through the streets admiring the buildings. When we visited, the weather was hot and sunny every day which was such a blessing. Now it all seems like a dream!

Hope you enjoy
Best wishes

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The one I forgot to show you!

I don't know why but somehow I forgot to show you a pic of this cute little pouting bench that just about fitted in my case! I know the heart is maybe a bit too country but this is really something I'm not going to get over here. And it fits that empty spot as you enter the kitchen so it seats my raggedy angel well. Speaking of which, thanks to The Raggedy Angel, Patti from The Brickhouse, Black Sheep Lisa and Gen from Ewenique Treasures for joining my blog lately. It is a great encouragement to know you take time to visit with me.

Now to get busy re-arranging and making some stuff. Have fun whatever you're doing!
Best wishes

Saturday, 18 July 2009

My prim goodies from Lancaster County

Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by. Slowly we are getting back to normal and managing to keep our eyes open for more than an hour at a time! It all seems like a dream except now I have some new goodies to remind me of a wonderful trip. It was so hard trying to select things that would fit in my luggage, but when I saw this little Americana basket that is handmade in Lancaster County, I knew it was the one for me!

One of the other 'must haves' on my shopping list was some treenware. I also bought vanilla hazelnut scented rosehips to put in it and the braided mat - I love the colors in it.

Believe it or not, the tin punched tart-warmer is my first one. I love the glow from it, just can't seem to capture this on camera.

This is a pic of all my goodies. I also love the wool felt pillow. It might just inspire me to create some designs of my own. I got quite a nice stash of homespun fabrics and have ideas for making some pillows and quilted wall hangings with them.

Amazingly, I even managed to bring some Polish pottery home safely! Anything with stars and stripes and I love it! Looks so cheery on the shelf in the kitchen.
I did pretty well and I better pay tribute to my DH for his patience in taking me around the stores and keeping 3 bored children amused elsewhere while I shopped!

I know I'll have so much fun finding places for all this stuff!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Best wishes

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Prim overload? Just in my suitcases!!!

Hello, hello, hello! Long time no post but we're back home safe and sound and just jet lagged!
And what a trip we've had - so many memorable, wonderful experiences on our vacation. It was simply great to be a family having fun together and truly enjoying the sights and sounds that are the USA. Like pledging allegiance to the flag at Chick and Ruth's delly in Annapolis, splashing around in Chesapeake bay or screaming on the roller coasters at Six Flags. All in all it was fantastic!We visited Washington DC and saw the beautiful State Capitol building and of course the White house.But if I'm being really honest, the highlight of the trip for me was our time in Lancaster County.
I so admire the Amish people. Their farms are a testament to their hard work and diligence.
We did the tourist thing and visited The Amish Village for an insight into their way of life.
Then it was time to do some serious prim shopping and I was not disappointed! I think I walked about with my chin scraping the floor mostly - they were awesome!Most stores had signs saying no photos to be taken but here's one I just managed to snap!There was too much stuff!!!!! It was all that I'd hoped to find and more - just too much to carry home and way more than I could spend.. Looking back at these pics makes me want to get back there right now.

Anyway I need some sleep but wanted to catch up with everyone and wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday.

Will post more pics of some of my purchases soon - when I get done with laundry lol!