Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Wood work! Wish it would!

Hello again, everyone! thought it was about time to post again and had every intention of posting yesterday but things fell apart - literally! I had been trying my unskilled hand at a bit of carpentry and well may you laugh! The little prim bench I hoped to make was a comical disaster and did just fall apart. But I am not the type to give up without a fight and had another go today and 'tah dah!' here is my still 'not-so-perfect' little bench.
Now I can't wait to paint it! Hope I get a chance tonight and I'll post the finished article asap.

I have a spot in my kitchen picked out and waiting for it and plenty of ideas as to how it I will arrange things with it - does anyone else do that - just sit and dream up MORE prim things to do around the house? Think I know the answer to that!

Speaking of which, the weather over here has been so good that I have had to spend time outside trying to tidy up around the house, and plant some flowers to brighten the place up a bit.
Here's a look at the front of our humble home,( and there is still a lot to do.) The kids and I have painted the fence in the evenings - it's good they like to get involved.

I've also been busy quilting and have to say even though it is a work of patience, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It must be good therapy after a busy day to sit and stitch and calm down. Usually I'm so impatient but I'm hoping all this work will pay off and I'll have a nice quilt.

Can't wait to do more wood working and get the power tools out again - I can see more benches appearing about the place - just need to curb the impatience! LOL!
Best wishes


  1. Chistine,

    Your little bench is cute. If it's not perfect, I surely can't tell why. I'm hoping to give wood working a try if it ever stops raining here. Your house is just adorable!! I've never been to Ireland so I love it when you post pictures. Keep up the good work.

    Hugs ~ Tonya

  2. Well I think your amazing girl with that bench. I'm getting hubby to do mine. LOL...Your home is just beautiful. I LOVE your roof. Your blog is just delightful. Blessed weekend....


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