Friday, 19 June 2009

I love being a country girl!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my part of the world. Today was rather cloudy but I put on my raincoat and went for my daily walk and these are some of the views on the country roads from my home. We live several miles out of town - my choice, because I grew up in the country surrounded by open fields and lots of fresh air. It will always be the best life for me as my fondest childhood memories are those carefree days spent roaming the fields and woods, playing in little streams and building hide-aways. It was always fun and so exciting and I want that kind of life for my kids.

The hedges are full of beautiful honeysuckle and the scent is delicious on the breeze. Just to breathe in fills me with happiness.

Along this little road that I take is a traditional Irish smallholding. It would have been a working farm a century ago, but now a little country cottage. It's rare to find these nowadays. Sad to say most are bulldozed to make way for grand country homes. The outbuildings are whitewashed and red seems to be the original color to paint the doors and pillar tops and railings. This is what I term 'Irish prim'!

Thanks for your company and I hope the fresh air has done you good! Have a lovely weekend!

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