Monday, 4 May 2009

May Day Mud Fun!

Having the kids at home today for May day break gave us the chance to go for a bit of a hike in a nearby woods which is one of my favorite nature trails and beauty spots. In May the bluebells make an amazing carpet of blue and they are my fav flowers. The only snag being that last night there was quite a bit of rain. Of course that means lots of mud and a swollen stream. But for us it meant more fun and adventure! My kids aren't just water babies they're mud babies too. They had such a laugh squelching in the mud as you can see! Mind you their jeans were ruined so it was as well they were in old duds. We gathered some bluebells as well as I love to have some on my kitchen window sill. They only last for 2 weeks at best and then I have to wait another year to see them again. That's why I took the camera so I can have this reminder of them.
On a prim note, though, I am pleased with the progress so far of another quilt I'm working on. I got the sewing machine out and stitched all the squares together. It's done in homespuns Americana colors and I plan to put it over the sofa in the den part of the kitchen.
This is a quick pic excuse the fact that it was more or less thrown over the chair for a snapshot.

Hope you have a great week
Best wishes


  1. Hello Christine! What beautiful pictures of all the bluebells. I love to hike, always a bonus if it's pretty scenery. What a nice quilt you're working on too. Just thought I would check out your little blog. Your little girl is really cute too. Thanks for the comments on my blog.


  2. Hi Christine,wow it looks like you were having fun. These are the special moments that your kids will always remember. Those bluebells are beautiful and your quilt is awesome.Wish I could quilt.Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.Hope you are having a great evening.Sherri=0)


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