Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. It has been very rainy here today so we haven't been able to get out to do much. Instead we have been a bit more productive indoors. First I made some brownies and then Caralyn and Cerys helped me make some easy kids treats from melted white chocolate and rice krispies with sprinkles on top. Why is licking the spoon the best part?!!

Saturdays were always my mum's baking day to stock up for the week ahead and she always made apple tarts and lemon meringue pie, tray bakes and wheaten bread. I have to confess I was a reluctant helper and would far rather have had 'my nose stuck in a book' to quote my exasperated mother!

I know from your blogs that this is your Mother's Day although over here Mother's Day is in March. I hope everyone has a special day with family. I will just mention my husband's grandmother or simply 'Granny' as she is known. She turned 102! yes 102 on Wed. past but sadly she is in hospital though in good spirit. Having never known either set of my own grandparents, Granny is special to me. She still knows all her great and now great great grandchildren by name ( over 45 at the last count) and prays for us all. She is a godly influence in all our lives and a true example of a selfless mother whose 'children rise up to call her blessed'.
Nine of her ten children are still alive and spread out over the world. She has a heart of gold and we love her very much and pray she is allowed out of hospital soon.

Something has happened to my photos and I can't seem to download any. Sorry about that. I rely 100% on dh for technical help!

I also want to welcome Tonya (and her beautiful daughter!) and say thanks for following.
Hopefully I'll have the problem with the photos sorted for my next post.
Have a wonderful weekend


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