Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A Dream come true!

Hello! I'm back with theee most exciting news for the year! at least for me and the family! We are going to be in The USA in July! Wooohooo! Yes I really am that excited!
We are planning to visit the Capital Region, North Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania and Maryland for two weeks.
This is where I would appreciate some information and advice, please. If anyone knows of the best, absolute MUST visit prim stores in these places could you please let me know (but not my husband or the kids:-)! As this is a once in a life time trip I need to make sure I buy the right kind of prim goodies to decorate with, in my hall, kitchen and family room. So in the opinion of all you talented ladies out there, What would you reckon I should buy? What are the five 'couldn't-do-without prims' for my home? Unfortunately I'm limited to a couple of suitcases and weight restrictions so sadly that rules out the hutches, dry sinks and jelly cupboards I sooo want!
Well if you can help, I'd be thrilled so look forward to hearing from you!


  1. HI Christine,I am so happy for you.You lucky girl.Your dream is coming true.That's actually one of my hopes.I want to go to the east coast so bad.I have never been there.I bet there is so many kewl prim shops.Thanks so much for your nice comments on my last post.Yes I am very proud of him.He's a good kid,ummm sometimes,hehehe!Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christine, A road trip to the USA how exciting!! I live in Ohio so I don't know much about the stores in the states you will be visiting but this I'm sure this will help you http://www.countryregisteronline.com/maryland/index.html
    Just pick the state from the top and on the left click on "read the paper online" and it will give you lots of stores to choose from.
    BTW, I love the benches in your header!!
    Have a great prim day!

  3. Hi Christine...thanks for following my blog! It has been a bit neglected lately due to other interests, but will be updated soon...promise! I have had many holidays in the States, but have to say I loved Pennsylvannia best of all, when shopping for prims.....so many Amish & prim stores in that area, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding what to buy. If you are buying fabrics, as well as shopping in lovely little quilt stores, have a peek at the fabric in Walmart, they hae a great range of homespuns at prices to die for...hope you have a wonderful time! Carole

  4. Hi Christine! I am so excited to see another blogger who Loves Americana Patriotic decor like myself! I can't explain why I love Patriotic decor so much I just do! I always say that is where my heart is at! I think any prims is a must have for your home Just buy what you love.. Some things that might be great are old scoops quilts even cutter quilts, old textiles,jars,old bowls,wood boxes like pantry or cheese,cutting boards, oh the list goes on-- Hope I helped you out some! If you need more help on anything just pop on over to my blog! have a great trip!LOL --Dawn


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