Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Barn Star Gazing!

I love barn stars! What about you? To me they really say USA! There's something about them that represents freedom and hope that our dreams are worth aiming for. Hearthside Happenings is featuring some on her blog and I decided to show where I have decorated with barn stars.
This is one I have made myself and stuffed so it could be a cushion but I thought it looked well at the end of my hall as it is an eye catching feature as you walk in.

The other barn stars I have are up on the archway in my kitchen looking toward the den/family area. They aren't too big (I couldn't get bigger ones home in my suitcase!).

I'd love to know if you like barn stars too and how you decorate with them so why not leave a comment or link!
Best wishes


  1. Hi Christine, I have to say you have more barn stars than I do! I have one large one in the living room. I do have lots of stars elsewhere -- in the wall paper border, pillows, game boards. I also wanted to pass on the link to a blog I think you'll enjoy Char has lots of craft tips. I also wanted to let you know about There are tons of ideas here and a message board if you' like to join. Hope to see you there!

  2. Hi Christine,luv your star.You did a great job.I dont have any barn stars up yet.I have one I want to put outside but it has to be painted.I had stars everywhere in the old house.My wallpaper in the dining room even had stars.Have agreat day!Sherri


Thanks so much for expressing an interest - kind thoughts always appreciated!