Monday, 25 May 2009

More stars and stripes!

Monday greetings! Just checking in again with a few pics of what I've been making over the weekend. As you may or may not have realized, I love stars and stripes! I had seen some stars on springs or spindles but never came across them to buy so when I found an old piece of curtain pole bracket the light bulb lit up! I got stitching away and, remembering Tonya's clever trick of using both sides to go with a change of decor, I did one side stars and stripes and the other as a quilted block.
Here is the reverse side:

I had fun rearranging this little shelf in the kitchen to make more of a red, white and blue display. Only problem being, looking at these pics I think I need a few lessons in the art of photography!LOL.
I love sheep too, and made this little fella to put on the hall table. A friend had given me the fabric as she knew just how much I love Americana. She had come over for a visit last Thursday and enjoyed catching up. I benefited from her quilting expertise on binding quilts so now I've a couple more jobs to put on the 'to finish' list.

Last but not least, I got hold of some timber and paint. This is the end result and I put it up in the family room.

Well, that's about all folks as there's still housework to do and three hungry children to run after:-).
Hope to catch up with you all again soon.
Prim wishes

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Busy,busy, Busy!

Whew! Finally I've managed to grab a few moments to sit at the computer and catch up with all that 's been going on in your part of the world! Life is busy but I'm thankful to say blessed for us, when I stop to consider some of the ordeals people are going through and whom we remember in prayer.

The past two days have been the children's annual sports days so I've been at school cheering them on. The weather mightn't have been the kindest, meaning it was so cold and even rainy. Still they had good fun!My son is in the green sack, giving it all he's got for his team.

I've managed to finish another little piece. This is my first attempt at making a little bird pinkeep. It's on a small pillow I made to set it up a bit so it can be seen on the shelf.
The homebaking bug caught up with me again today and I tried a cherry loaf which I hadn't tried before. My mom gave me the recipe and to my delight it's really straight forward plus it tastes good. Love it when somethings are easy. Here's a picture of it. The recipe is underneath if your interested in trying it.

Cherry Loaf

8 oz self raising flour
2 oz caster sugar
1 level teaspoon baking powder
2 oz butter
1 egg
7 tablespoons milk
4 oz chopped glace cherries

Sift flour, baking powder and sugar into mixing bowl. Add soft butter and blend in gently with fingers. Next add egg unbeaten and milk and then cherries. Carefully mix together with a spoon
until thoroughly mixed. You will have a sticky mixture. Put this in a small loaf tin and place in middle of hot oven for 1 hour at 350 o . Enjoy with a little butter if you want! Got more to do so bye for now and have a great week.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Working at some more stitcheries

Hi! Just dropping by with a quick post to let you see a couple of projects I've been working on.
Summer's just around the corner and as I love Americana colors I finished this mini quilted wall hanging using a free pattern from Homeberries.

I've also moved the little treen bowl to the end of the kitchen counter along with the small runner I designed and stitched up. The treen bowl was a purchase from Winter Willow Primitives; it's a cute little size! And I like rag balls so these Americana ones seem to suit quite well. I think tho it just needs a potted plant of some kind to balance it out so that's something to work on, as well as a few other little items I'll be back with early next week.
Have a great weekend

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A Dream come true!

Hello! I'm back with theee most exciting news for the year! at least for me and the family! We are going to be in The USA in July! Wooohooo! Yes I really am that excited!
We are planning to visit the Capital Region, North Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania and Maryland for two weeks.
This is where I would appreciate some information and advice, please. If anyone knows of the best, absolute MUST visit prim stores in these places could you please let me know (but not my husband or the kids:-)! As this is a once in a life time trip I need to make sure I buy the right kind of prim goodies to decorate with, in my hall, kitchen and family room. So in the opinion of all you talented ladies out there, What would you reckon I should buy? What are the five 'couldn't-do-without prims' for my home? Unfortunately I'm limited to a couple of suitcases and weight restrictions so sadly that rules out the hutches, dry sinks and jelly cupboards I sooo want!
Well if you can help, I'd be thrilled so look forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. It has been very rainy here today so we haven't been able to get out to do much. Instead we have been a bit more productive indoors. First I made some brownies and then Caralyn and Cerys helped me make some easy kids treats from melted white chocolate and rice krispies with sprinkles on top. Why is licking the spoon the best part?!!

Saturdays were always my mum's baking day to stock up for the week ahead and she always made apple tarts and lemon meringue pie, tray bakes and wheaten bread. I have to confess I was a reluctant helper and would far rather have had 'my nose stuck in a book' to quote my exasperated mother!

I know from your blogs that this is your Mother's Day although over here Mother's Day is in March. I hope everyone has a special day with family. I will just mention my husband's grandmother or simply 'Granny' as she is known. She turned 102! yes 102 on Wed. past but sadly she is in hospital though in good spirit. Having never known either set of my own grandparents, Granny is special to me. She still knows all her great and now great great grandchildren by name ( over 45 at the last count) and prays for us all. She is a godly influence in all our lives and a true example of a selfless mother whose 'children rise up to call her blessed'.
Nine of her ten children are still alive and spread out over the world. She has a heart of gold and we love her very much and pray she is allowed out of hospital soon.

Something has happened to my photos and I can't seem to download any. Sorry about that. I rely 100% on dh for technical help!

I also want to welcome Tonya (and her beautiful daughter!) and say thanks for following.
Hopefully I'll have the problem with the photos sorted for my next post.
Have a wonderful weekend


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Barn Star Gazing!

I love barn stars! What about you? To me they really say USA! There's something about them that represents freedom and hope that our dreams are worth aiming for. Hearthside Happenings is featuring some on her blog and I decided to show where I have decorated with barn stars.
This is one I have made myself and stuffed so it could be a cushion but I thought it looked well at the end of my hall as it is an eye catching feature as you walk in.

The other barn stars I have are up on the archway in my kitchen looking toward the den/family area. They aren't too big (I couldn't get bigger ones home in my suitcase!).

I'd love to know if you like barn stars too and how you decorate with them so why not leave a comment or link!
Best wishes

Monday, 4 May 2009

May Day Mud Fun!

Having the kids at home today for May day break gave us the chance to go for a bit of a hike in a nearby woods which is one of my favorite nature trails and beauty spots. In May the bluebells make an amazing carpet of blue and they are my fav flowers. The only snag being that last night there was quite a bit of rain. Of course that means lots of mud and a swollen stream. But for us it meant more fun and adventure! My kids aren't just water babies they're mud babies too. They had such a laugh squelching in the mud as you can see! Mind you their jeans were ruined so it was as well they were in old duds. We gathered some bluebells as well as I love to have some on my kitchen window sill. They only last for 2 weeks at best and then I have to wait another year to see them again. That's why I took the camera so I can have this reminder of them.
On a prim note, though, I am pleased with the progress so far of another quilt I'm working on. I got the sewing machine out and stitched all the squares together. It's done in homespuns Americana colors and I plan to put it over the sofa in the den part of the kitchen.
This is a quick pic excuse the fact that it was more or less thrown over the chair for a snapshot.

Hope you have a great week
Best wishes

Friday, 1 May 2009

Happy Birthday No.3!

My littlest one is 5 years old today! And yes she loves everything pink! She is so special and we love her so much. This is a pic of her dressing up as a princess, of course because she likes to be the belle of the ball!Tomorrow we are having a little party for her and some friends so I hope the sun keeps on shining and they have a great day.
So happy birthday Cerys!