Monday, 6 April 2009

Trying to Quilt

Good morning, and a merry Monday!

Yes, its the start of the Easter Hols. as the kids are now off school for 2 whole weeks, so I'm feeling a wee bit lazy - as if I need an excuse! We can just kick back and do things at a more relaxed pace rather than keeping to the school pick-up schedule and run-around. 'How lovely it is to do nothing and afterward rest awhile!' Just about sums up things for me!

Well to give a bit of an update on events around here, the good news is that my eight year old won his class's Easter egg decorating competition and was so pleased none more so than his Dad who provided all that technical support! He also did really well on Friday night at his Boys' Brigade annual display and prize-giving, and was awarded the trophy for best at marching. We are proud of him for his efforts.

I am hoping to do more crafting this week as I borrowed Mum's sewing machine to finish up a wall hanging quilt that I have lying about. I will post pics of the finished article later in the week.
I love starting on new projects and I am usually impatient to see the end result its just hard to keep a supply of all the right materials to hand. In Northern Ireland there aren't that many suppliers of primitive fabrics and goods.
This is a picture of a wall hanging kit I got in Canada on holiday and got a shelf and dowel rod added to hang it on in my little den/crafting room and one of the few rooms in our house that I'm allowed to decorate in prim style.

Also in the picture are some other craft projects of mine including the 1776 checker board I designed and painted, as well as the fabric star beside it and I am quite pleased with them both seeing as I had never tried anything like the before. I had ago at creating a ragged doll too, sitting on the left hand side, she is comical and amateurish but done in real homespun fashion for I have to 'make do' with what I can being so far from the US and all those terrific prim stores I visit on the web.

But for now I wish everyone a lovely day and I'll go quilt some more.
Best wishes

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