Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Time to say 'Hello' again!

Hello again and welcome to my blogland home! I think I haven't posted for a week, not just because I was trying to keep up with the housework, but because I have been enjoying peeking into everyone else's blogs. I really do admire the great work people do on their homes and how their craft projects turn out. It's daunting for a newcomer like me but still it is fun to try at least!

So this is where I say a big thank you to Sherri for becoming my first follower! Yeaahh! Isn't the internet fantastic? To think we can step into someone's life from thousands of miles away and share our lives! That really amazes me! It also makes me think back to my mother's time as a young housewife and even my grandmother and how in some instances they were so cut off from other people, with no way of making a connection with like minded people. I have to admire them for just getting on with the daily grind and drawing strength from the simple pleasures of life. Does that make sense? So I'm grateful I live in the 21st century!
Since discovering prim I think 'Simplify' is so appropriate for life in this day and age because when all's said and done, the simple things are the best - as long as we can communicate via the web!!!!Lol!

Anyhow - phew! i must have needed to get that off my shoulders! I will give you more of a peek at some stuff around my home
This is a very tidy version of the top of the computer cabinet! Normally it is littered with keys, bills to pay, DS games and wires and cables, so it's as well you can't see the floor when I took this photo! I love checkerboards and did this one up myself after several attempts. The lamp is not really prim but it will have to do until I can go shopping for a better one.

Well, this took longer than expected so I'll say goodbye for now and come back later in the week when I take more photos.
Best wishes

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