Thursday, 2 April 2009

More about my home and me

Hello again, blogland people!

Hope you are all enjoying the same fine spring weather we are having. I'm sitting doing several things at once, which is quite the norm for me as I always end up in a rush to get things done before I go to school and pick up the kids.

Firstly I'm trying to type up this post (it's going to become addictive, I can tell) and secondly but probably most important! I'm enjoying lunch - its a Scottish chicken casserole soup and is very hearty and tasty. Outside the birds are singing for all they're worth and it does your heart good to hear them.

Yesterday was a good day though it was dull and gray. I tried to make a candle lamp in a large jar, though judge for yourself, I'm not sure it's all I imagined! It certainly needs some tweaking.
After being so excited and eager to make it, I feel a bit deflated with the results so if any one has any suggestions on how to liven it up a bit, I'd appreciate it.

My kids are getting into the creative swing of things too! My son had to decorate a hard-boiled egg for a class competition. We think his egg is a sure fire winner!

Then his dad suggested he call it 'Lightning McEgg'! I hope he gets some praise from his teacher for his efforts! Unique, I'd say, so he's in with a good chance.

I just wanted to share one of my earliest attempts at sewing something in a primitive style. I have really come to love saltbox houses and homespun fabrics, all combined with a Scripture quote and the one in the photo truly echoes my desire as a mother in our home, as we seek to bring our children up to know and love the Lord.

Well, this has taken me quite a while so I'll leave it at that for now and wish you all the best for now, Christine

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