Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Doing some homebaking!

For ages now I've been in the notion to try my hand at baking some banana nut bread and found a recipe I thought I could manage. I am pleased how well it turned out and it tastes good too! It is quite moist and light at the same time.
I found that it's best to wait until the bread had cooled down quite a bit before slicing it up - that's why I've got a photo of only half a loaf - I cut it too soon in my haste to eat it that it kind of crumbled, lol! The other good thing about homebaking as you know, is the delicious aroma that fills your home and this bread does that in abundance!

I've been spending too much time on browsing through blogs that I've not got much else done around here! What I did find on my blog travels was a picturetrail of the most amazing colonial inspired home. The Primitive Stitcher is definitely one to visit.

Until next time, blessings

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  1. HI Christine.Thanks for following my blog.WOOHOO I am your first follower.
    I have visited this site before and you are right,it's definately one to visit. So it looks like you like t bake.So do I.I made a really good coffeecake and super simple last night.Maybe we can trade recipes.I also know what you mean about spending too much time browsing. I start reading and looking and before you know it,half the days gone.Well better go and finish reading your blog hehehe.Have a great day.Sherri


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