Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Time to say 'Hello' again!

Hello again and welcome to my blogland home! I think I haven't posted for a week, not just because I was trying to keep up with the housework, but because I have been enjoying peeking into everyone else's blogs. I really do admire the great work people do on their homes and how their craft projects turn out. It's daunting for a newcomer like me but still it is fun to try at least!

So this is where I say a big thank you to Sherri for becoming my first follower! Yeaahh! Isn't the internet fantastic? To think we can step into someone's life from thousands of miles away and share our lives! That really amazes me! It also makes me think back to my mother's time as a young housewife and even my grandmother and how in some instances they were so cut off from other people, with no way of making a connection with like minded people. I have to admire them for just getting on with the daily grind and drawing strength from the simple pleasures of life. Does that make sense? So I'm grateful I live in the 21st century!
Since discovering prim I think 'Simplify' is so appropriate for life in this day and age because when all's said and done, the simple things are the best - as long as we can communicate via the web!!!!Lol!

Anyhow - phew! i must have needed to get that off my shoulders! I will give you more of a peek at some stuff around my home
This is a very tidy version of the top of the computer cabinet! Normally it is littered with keys, bills to pay, DS games and wires and cables, so it's as well you can't see the floor when I took this photo! I love checkerboards and did this one up myself after several attempts. The lamp is not really prim but it will have to do until I can go shopping for a better one.

Well, this took longer than expected so I'll say goodbye for now and come back later in the week when I take more photos.
Best wishes

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Doing some homebaking!

For ages now I've been in the notion to try my hand at baking some banana nut bread and found a recipe I thought I could manage. I am pleased how well it turned out and it tastes good too! It is quite moist and light at the same time.
I found that it's best to wait until the bread had cooled down quite a bit before slicing it up - that's why I've got a photo of only half a loaf - I cut it too soon in my haste to eat it that it kind of crumbled, lol! The other good thing about homebaking as you know, is the delicious aroma that fills your home and this bread does that in abundance!

I've been spending too much time on browsing through blogs that I've not got much else done around here! What I did find on my blog travels was a picturetrail of the most amazing colonial inspired home. The Primitive Stitcher is definitely one to visit.

Until next time, blessings

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

American Dreaming

Just wanted to share a picture of a little Americana grouping I've put together. I really love red, white and blue, stars and stripes and it's become a bit of a joke in our family that we're like Americans living in N.I. As soon as I get around to it I'll show some pics of the kitchen which is still a work in progress, but reflects my love of Americana and homespun style. My husband was so thoughtful and bought the checkerboard for my Christmas gift. We had seen it in Yarmouth, Cape Cod last year on vacation, and he knew I really loved it, but hesitated about buying it - you know what its like- you want everything in sight, and I'd all ready bought more than the suitcases would hold! I made the pear on top of the stacking boxes and the raggedy shelf-sitter doll, the sheep, stars and 'blessings' pillow in the basket, which was another holiday bargain find; it was only $2!

Well, that's all, love

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Getting back to normal.

What with Easter break and a terrible tooth ache to contend with I have been away from the sewing machine and unable to finish the quilt wall hanging :( Once the dentist prescribed some antibiotics and they started to work I was feeling better, and as a family we have enjoyed good fun together out and about.

However I'll give you a peek at the wall hanging anyway. In the photo it's just draped over the sofa so forgive the angle of the shot as it doesn't really do it justice.
Here is another closer pic in which you can see the wording better. Can you tell I love homespun?
This is really a one off project to use up remnant squares of fabric but I think it looks homespun enough to please me! The only thing is I don't know where it's going to hang.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll wish you all the best

Monday, 6 April 2009

Trying to Quilt

Good morning, and a merry Monday!

Yes, its the start of the Easter Hols. as the kids are now off school for 2 whole weeks, so I'm feeling a wee bit lazy - as if I need an excuse! We can just kick back and do things at a more relaxed pace rather than keeping to the school pick-up schedule and run-around. 'How lovely it is to do nothing and afterward rest awhile!' Just about sums up things for me!

Well to give a bit of an update on events around here, the good news is that my eight year old won his class's Easter egg decorating competition and was so pleased none more so than his Dad who provided all that technical support! He also did really well on Friday night at his Boys' Brigade annual display and prize-giving, and was awarded the trophy for best at marching. We are proud of him for his efforts.

I am hoping to do more crafting this week as I borrowed Mum's sewing machine to finish up a wall hanging quilt that I have lying about. I will post pics of the finished article later in the week.
I love starting on new projects and I am usually impatient to see the end result its just hard to keep a supply of all the right materials to hand. In Northern Ireland there aren't that many suppliers of primitive fabrics and goods.
This is a picture of a wall hanging kit I got in Canada on holiday and got a shelf and dowel rod added to hang it on in my little den/crafting room and one of the few rooms in our house that I'm allowed to decorate in prim style.

Also in the picture are some other craft projects of mine including the 1776 checker board I designed and painted, as well as the fabric star beside it and I am quite pleased with them both seeing as I had never tried anything like the before. I had ago at creating a ragged doll too, sitting on the left hand side, she is comical and amateurish but done in real homespun fashion for I have to 'make do' with what I can being so far from the US and all those terrific prim stores I visit on the web.

But for now I wish everyone a lovely day and I'll go quilt some more.
Best wishes

Thursday, 2 April 2009

More about my home and me

Hello again, blogland people!

Hope you are all enjoying the same fine spring weather we are having. I'm sitting doing several things at once, which is quite the norm for me as I always end up in a rush to get things done before I go to school and pick up the kids.

Firstly I'm trying to type up this post (it's going to become addictive, I can tell) and secondly but probably most important! I'm enjoying lunch - its a Scottish chicken casserole soup and is very hearty and tasty. Outside the birds are singing for all they're worth and it does your heart good to hear them.

Yesterday was a good day though it was dull and gray. I tried to make a candle lamp in a large jar, though judge for yourself, I'm not sure it's all I imagined! It certainly needs some tweaking.
After being so excited and eager to make it, I feel a bit deflated with the results so if any one has any suggestions on how to liven it up a bit, I'd appreciate it.

My kids are getting into the creative swing of things too! My son had to decorate a hard-boiled egg for a class competition. We think his egg is a sure fire winner!

Then his dad suggested he call it 'Lightning McEgg'! I hope he gets some praise from his teacher for his efforts! Unique, I'd say, so he's in with a good chance.

I just wanted to share one of my earliest attempts at sewing something in a primitive style. I have really come to love saltbox houses and homespun fabrics, all combined with a Scripture quote and the one in the photo truly echoes my desire as a mother in our home, as we seek to bring our children up to know and love the Lord.

Well, this has taken me quite a while so I'll leave it at that for now and wish you all the best for now, Christine