Monday, 30 March 2009

Let me introduce myself!

Hello, one and all, who may happen to stumble on my blog!

My name is Christine and I come from Northern Ireland. Being a mum of three lovely children means of course that I have loads of free time to surf the web and read blogs all day - at least according to my dear husband!

Anyhow, I have been reading blogs alot and thought I would add my tuppence worth to the mix just for the fun of it.

Well to get to the point, I have become very interested in primitive style home decorating and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing photos and slide shows of primitive homes. I enjoy trying to do a bit of prim crafting whenever I get the chance and take my inspiration from American primitive and colonial homes.

I would love to be able to decorate my home - correction- our home in such a style but have only managed a few bits and pieces here and there. My husband puts up with most of my harebrained ideas so I'm thankful that he has even put up a shelf or two for me to display some things I've put together. Mind you, he does roll his eyes in dismay on arriving home from work and finding more nails hammered into the plasterwork for me to hang up samplers and stitcheries!

There's more to share as I work on ideas around my home - correction- our home! but that'll keep for another day.
Best blog wishes

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