Friday, 12 February 2016

Decorating with Love

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's weekend!  I am sharing five Valentine's decorations around my home today for Amy's Five on Friday link up.

I hope those who visit my home including all my blogging friends, feel a sense of love when they come through the door.

That's what I aim for as I arrange and pick and choose where to display things around the rooms.  The reds just seem to be a warm and welcoming colour I love.

So here's the 'trug o' love' (just made that name up for fun!) which is on my hall table as soon as you enter.  It's filled with all sorts of hearts and a pretty little cross stitch Valentine pinkeep, a free pattern by PrimitiveBettys.

I cherish this heart as it was a gift from one of my dearest girlfriends and the sentiment says it all!

Of course my sweet lil' olde heart bear sits up on the shelf sharing some love!

In my red cupboard sits Miss Prairie Heart with her heart apron.

  Another cross stitch heart by Santas and Samplers.  Simple sweet love!

Hope you enjoyed my Five on Friday and please join Amy at LOVE MADE MY HOME 

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Thanks to all my sweet friends and followers!
You are cherished!

Wishing each of you a special weekend of love!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

You light up my Life!

Hello friends! I'm back as promised with another Valentine's Day heart themed craft for you.

But let me also thank you all for your kind words regarding my aunt. You are all such a comfort.

So I saw this tutorial for Christmas lights and thought it would work equally well for Valentines's.

You just need some glass jars and print off some free sheet music and cut out a heart in proportion to your jar.

Glue on to the jar - I recommend just a strip on the edge and press onto the glass the wrap around the jar and finally glue down the closing edge.

Place a little votive candle inside - you could use a real candle - that's why you should place the paper on the outside - but a little battery operated candle means I don't need to worry!

Just to jazz it up a bit I tied a little homespun heart and some pip berries around it too!

Playing about with editing effects - this is a grunge effect

And this is how my finished Valentines shelf now looks...

hope you feel inspired to try some yourself !

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!

Thanks to our hosts, Jann, Carol and Jo

Lots of great ideas!

Best wishes

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sara's Heart

Sara's Heart


Today I am dedicating my post to my aunt who sadly suffers from Alzheimers and is in a care home.

She is the second of a family of eight, my dad being the youngest. They grew up during WWII, in very austere times and as a result my aunt always stored and kept what she could.

My parents had the task of sorting through her possessions and I was gifted with this little treasure trove!

This is the box she kept all her white buttons in.  Isn't it so pretty?

And these are just some of the buttons.

So here's a quick tutorial about how simply you can make a button heart.

I took a pipe cleaner - wouldn't you know I was out of white ones!!!!

 I just took a couple of strips of linen and tightly wrapped it around the pipe cleaner which I hot glued
 together at the ends.

Now we are ready to glue on the buttons.  Try to use similar sized buttons. Be warned it is fiddly work!
Glue a piece of cord or thread or ribbon onto the back for a hanger.

 I hope you'll agree that the end result is pretty!

Sara's Heart

Here's where I hung mine for now!


Sincerest thanks to my aunt Sara.

I'd love to hear from  you as I'm so glad you came by for a visit! 
I also hope to share a homemade heart each day this week so do come back!

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Best wishes

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


 Welcome once again, its so good to have you visit.

Today I'm sharing a couple of Valentine's stitcheries, just finished so I can link with sweet Stephanie at Roses of Inspiration!

This little rework pincushion is so sweet in its sentiment, Love never fails.

It is a free pattern from The Primitive Hare.

Another freebie this time from Plum Street Samplers and is made into the shape of a little stocking, how cute is that?!

I added a button and some crochet trim to finish it off.

So pretty for Valentine's day!

The Enchanting Rose

Please check out Stephanie's great link up party.

It is always a pleasure to have you comment and thanks to all who cheered me on last week!

I think I'm back in the groove!

Best wishes

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Little House

Hello dear friends!

First let me thank all of you who were so kind and encouraging in your comments after my last post.

I thought I better get busy again, because sometimes you can just allow circumstances to roll over you and overwhelm you, rather than taking positive  action and work you way through it.

So I dug through some patterns and found one I really wanted to stitch and got stuck in and then couldn't wait to finish it.

It's Little House by Lori Brechin of NotForgottenFarm.

Dedicated to all you dear friends and the love and support you give so readily!

Now just for the final effort of figuring out how to finish it off nicely!

Thanks again! 
You are great!

Best wishes

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Bear with me...

Bear with me dear friends!  I hope you can hang on for a 'real' post soon!

Sometimes we have to prioritize and I just haven't been able to finish my crafting but when the dust settles, and soon, I'll be back!


Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year's Eve Reflections

The Eve of a new year... scary in a way, I'm getting older and time is flying past faster and faster and my kids are growing up and becoming more independent. 

But as I reflect on 2015, I can give thanks for God's faithfulness to us as a family and recall my motto text for the year, 'God is the strength of my heart' and how true He has been to His word!

It has been a good year as we visited a few places on my bucket list, Colonial Williamsburg, Biltmore Estate NC, and closer to home the Giant's Causeway.

I confess though, that I did not finish those WIPs I thought to do but I did have so much fun stitching away at other projects.

Blogging has its ups and downs, but I really enjoy 'meeting' new friends from every corner of the globe.
Thanks to all who follow and comment so faithfully! You are the reason I keep at this!

 Hope you'll all stay for another year of posts!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!