Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Change of Plan

When I finished this cute little squirrel cross stitch acorn pinkeep, I was happy enough to place it in a bowl with some scented wax tart melts.

I even went scavenging in the woods for some real acorns to add to the display.

But what was missing from my autumn decor was a fall wreath and I just happened to find one in a box needing to be used so voila! A new autumn wreath was born!

Of course I had to add some rusty red and orange leaves to it and now it hangs in my entryway, repurposed and plain for all to see!  Do you like it this way?

Thanks so much for coming by and I hope to hear from you!

Thanks too for all your kind thoughts for my little one who is now much better and more like her happy self!

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Five on Friday

Hello friends and a very cosy autumn welcome to my Five on Friday Post.  I really wanted to share some finishes with you today but alas I have been nursing my sick little one who is now thankfully on the mend.

So I've dipped into the photos I took last week of out visit to the Folk Park, Omagh to share five scenes of Autumnal delight.

1. Crispy crunchy leaves likes cornflakes strewn on the path.

Pumpkins ripe for the picking in the pumpkin patch

3. Hens fairly camouflaged with the leaves!

Olde Worlde vegetable patch at harvest time.

Soft streaming sunlight illuminates the gold mine of leaves as we headed home.

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hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Visions of the Past

On Wednesday, hubby and I visited the Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh for a lovely Fall visit.

So today for Five on Friday I'll share just five of the many photos I took of this wonderful museum, which takes you back in time to the 1840's when the potato famine forced many to emigrate and settle in the New World.

This is a typical American frontier home from Pennsylvania  complete with picket fence! LOVE!

Inside was free and airy on this sunny October afternoon.

The back room served as the kitchen and pantry and had this great old stove and original tin punched pie safe in the background.
Primitive bliss!

Jars of pickles and preserves made colourful additions to the shelves.

Also laid out on a table in the living room were examples of quilt patterns on pillows and a quilt frame can be seen beyond that. Just beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed this quick peek into the primitive past!

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Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Autumn Decorating Touches

Happy Friday! Sharing five photos of some autumnal decorating that I've made a start on around the home.

The biggest upheaval came when I redid the pine dresser.  But Im pleased with how it looks decked out in orange and golds for fall.

I redid the chalkboard also and chose something simple this year.

Beside the chalkboard hangs my little cubby drawer set with a few fall touches

Atop the bench in the sitting area I filled the new wire basket with some handmade acorns and pumpkin and cones with a sprig of oak leaves

And lastly I filled the drug under the hall table with little handmade tuck pillows for the season.

So that's as much as I've done but hope to be able to share more next week!

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Jute Edging Tutorial

Here's another little pinkeep I stitched and as you can see it is pretty but pretty plain and in need of an extra little something.

So this is the edging I stitched around it with some jute

Some DMC floss

I held the end of the jute to the bottom of the pinkeep, holding it over the closed up part and stitched over the end  a few times to hold it in place.

To begin the edging stitch, bring your needle over the jute cord diagonally, about a quarter of an inch from the first stitch. Put the needle in under the jute through the two sides of the pillow.

Continue stitching in this way bringing the thread over in a diagonal.

At the same time keep the jute cord taut along the seam of the pillow so it will be hidden by the cord.

When you have stitched around the pillow, cut the remainder of the cord

 Stitch over this last end firmly several times to secure it.

So that's it edged and finished!

I hope this makes sense and you were able to follow these steps!

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Friday, 30 September 2016

Birthday Five!

 This week I celebrated another birthday with family so my five for Friday are all birthday related.
A very low key affair but lovely all the same as we spent time together and had a delicious lunch at a little restaurant I haven't been to in ages. All very enjoyable!

1 This is a gift from my dear mother as she knew I had always wanted a Rudbeckia plant! Thank you Mum!

2. From good old Dad! He made me this cute little wooden stool/bench with his own hands!

   For now its unpainted whilst I try to decide on a colour.  Thanks Dad! I love it!

Of course a treat for oneself is allowed on one's birthday and I bought a gorgeous smelly seasonal candle, Harvest Spice! So good!

An extra little something from hubs was a  wire star filled with cinnamon scented rose hips!

And from the kids a new tin planter and pansies, one from each to adorn the front step!

I am so thankful and so blessed!
Simple sweet birthday joy!

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Falling Leaves Wool Pouch

As promised, I'm back with another finish for Fall.  I love working with wool so I've been enjoying some appliqué recently.

I used a beige herringbone wool for the background but topped the pouch with orange checked flannel and made the strap of the same.

I used blanket stitch to appliqué the leaves

It's backed it in the star  cotton fabric

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Enjoy the rest of your week!