Monday, 20 October 2014

Annie Sloan excitement

 Today in town there was quite a bit of excitement with the opening of a new vintage shop selling Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Its called 'Little French Barn' and Annie Sloan herself came to officially open the shop and chat to everyone.  I was able to visit and snapped a couple of pics of the store.

It was pretty but I still prefer primitive!!! Lovely touches here and there and some old French furniture.  I'm sure I'll be in again for sewing items.

Here are a few examples of furniture and accessories.

I've yet to try Annie Sloan paints but I'm told it works a treat on restoring furniture.

For now I'm working Christmas  crafts.  I'll be back soon with an update.

Until next time! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Sharing a slice of the week so far...

This week is certainly whizzing past for about you?  As always there's lots on for the kids and various things I am always called upon to do but I found some time to finish my fall decorating in the 'prim den' ...

This is on top of the sideboard and of the wall as you walk into the room... love that big woolie pumpkin rug I made from a kit I got from Tanya of My lil craft room on Etsy.
And not forgetting Shazy's woolie tree - so unique!

 This is the shelf above it with my pumkin doll and a few pumpkins I made over the years
 I was out shopping last weekend and even had the best of intentions to make a start on the dreaded Christmas shopping when I spotted this earthenware jar.  I've been on the look out for something similar for ages and although a reproduction I knew it would be a nice addition to the kitchen...
 But this is the slice of the week I'll leave you with - peanut butter crunch squares.  We are seriously addicted to these especially with a thick layer of Cadbury's milk chocolate on top!

They are easy to make.
Just melt 2tbspns of fine sugar with 2 tbspns of golden syrup and 2 ounces of butter in a saucepan over low heat and stir until all melted.
Remove from heat and stir in 4 tbspns of crunchy peanut butter and then add 6 ounces of crushed Rich tea biscuits (or similar)
Press firmly into a 1" deep baking tray and leave to firm up in the fridge.
Melt a bar of chocolate and spread over the cooled base and again let it set.
Cut into squares and try to stop at one!

Thanks again for visiting and hope you enjoyed sharing a slice of life with me!

Best wishes

Friday, 10 October 2014

Bringing in fall...

 Hey it's Friday - happy weekend!
I've been out foraging around the countryside to bring some free fall indoors.  Having said that, the leaves are only turning here but I did find some stems and crab apples etc.
 Fall in the hall...
 Some foliage

 I was really taken with these spiky beechnuts... sore to handle but so amazing I had to put some around the place...
 And conkers - so beautiful... just emerging from the shell.

 I thought some beechnuts and conkers would look nice in a jar on display...

 Did you ever play conkers when you were growing up?  We loved finding a great big chestnut to see whose was the best... childhood memories...

Well enough reminiscing!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wool Fox

 I have noticed this year foxes have become a popular feature on all kinds of things from mugs and scarves, to satchels design and pillows and toys.  Seems owls have taken wing...

well, since foxes have a lovely orange fur coat, just had to draw up a quick pattern for my very own fox appliqued fall cushion.

He's made from some wool I had originally planned for pumpkins and the fox was not so much prim  but fun anyway! And a good fall color.
The background is herringbone wool too, soft and cosy.
Funny how my daughters spy me making these and immediately put in an order...
Supposed I'm secretly flattered... :_)

Thanks for visiting
Have a great evening!

Monday, 6 October 2014


 I had some spare time this past weekend to indulge in making a couple new fall craft projects, so just to share with you. here they are.  I'm nearly done decorating though I haven't gone all out this year.

This is my new parcheesi board and I,m pretty pleased with the colors though perhaps I should sand it back more.

 And for the time being it's here under the fall shelf.

 As you know by now i love stars so with some left over fall fabrics I sewed up a new star... don't know if it'll stay in this gathering though...
 We had the loveliest September, but my did October change things!  We had a pretty bad storm last evening, trees and power lines down but then today the sun broke through and it was a fine fall day.

Here is a shot of a golden pond  I took whilst out for my walk in the park to enjoy the day... look at all the leaves the ducks are swimming in!

 Thanks so much for spending time with me!

Blessings to all

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

'All manner of pleasant fruits...'

Happy October!

I've been going through my 'scraps' bag and thought: when you find scraps, make strawberries!'

Here they are 

I filled a bowl with some new pineapple melts - they smell so sweet!

On the sunny side of our house we have a wild dog rose bush growing and I was able to gather some of the hips.  They look quite well in my little firkin, which I brought home from our trip.

From other scraps I made a little stump doll just perfect for this shelf... dressed in tones of autumn...

October has started off so well .The weather today was sunny and warm - lovely to be outdoors!
I'm delaying putting out my fall decorations because DH is busy repainting but he's been working hard and id nearly finished and then I can drag out the boxes and see those pumpkins again!

Just wanted to share this verse with you from my Bible reading today as it seems to fit in:
'At our gate are all manner of pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have laid up for thee...'
Song of Songs 7.13

Blessings to each!


Monday, 29 September 2014

Birthday weekend!

 Yes this weekend I celebrated my 45th birthday and I can't believe that so many years have flown by when I still imagine I'm in my mid 20's!!!! (Not when I look in the mirror though! lol!) 

My daughter took this pic on her phone at my mum's and of course the cake and candles had to be brought out!

This is my special birthday gift from hubby.  I love lamps and have always wanted one like this so he treated me when we were on holiday.... he's so good to me.

 It's black and I have placed it for now on the hall table.

This is another treat and something I happened upon by chance but instantly knew where it would go.
So this star shaped woven basket had to come home with me - if you know me you know I love all things star shaped!
I've place it on top of my kitchen wall cupboards and with some fall foliage I hope it'll look just the part this autumn.

So that was my weekend!  Lots of fun with family and good food of course!

Thanks again for all those who leave comments.  Its good to know you come and visit!

Best wishes