Friday, 30 September 2016

Birthday Five!

 This week I celebrated another birthday with family so my five for Friday are all birthday related.
A very low key affair but lovely all the same as we spent time together and had a delicious lunch at a little restaurant I haven't been to in ages. All very enjoyable!

1 This is a gift from my dear mother as she knew I had always wanted a Rudbeckia plant! Thank you Mum!

2. From good old Dad! He made me this cute little wooden stool/bench with his own hands!

   For now its unpainted whilst I try to decide on a colour.  Thanks Dad! I love it!

Of course a treat for oneself is allowed on one's birthday and I bought a gorgeous smelly seasonal candle, Harvest Spice! So good!

An extra little something from hubs was a  wire star filled with cinnamon scented rose hips!

And from the kids a new tin planter and pansies, one from each to adorn the front step!

I am so thankful and so blessed!
Simple sweet birthday joy!

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Falling Leaves Wool Pouch

As promised, I'm back with another finish for Fall.  I love working with wool so I've been enjoying some appliqué recently.

I used a beige herringbone wool for the background but topped the pouch with orange checked flannel and made the strap of the same.

I used blanket stitch to appliqué the leaves

It's backed it in the star  cotton fabric

Once again thanks for stopping by! I love hearing from you!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Catch a "FALL"-ing Star!

I have been such a bad blogger this past few weeks and it has just been a case of procrastination on my part.

But any how please let me share with you, one of my recent makes, a FALL-ing star made from a lovely checked orange flannel fabric and then I stitched FALL onto some osnaburg to add to it!

It hangs by a rusty wire.

I love getting value from these makes so I backed it in a starry cotton and thought it looked Christmassy so I added JOY to this side and now it can be used for two seasons!!

I will try to be back again with another make very soon!


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Have a lovely FALL week!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Five on Friday

Happy September and happy Five on Friday! It's back with Amy from 'Love made My Home'.

Without any ado, here are my five this Friday.

1. My latest cross stitch finish.

   Have you ever x stitched on burlap?  It's so easy and the small pattern becomes bigger so this little fob pattern has become the right size on the burlap for a pouch.  A lovely autumn pumpkin and primitive crow!

Here is hanging from a peg shelf - it would look great filled with dried autumn branches and leaves, don't you think?

2. Instead of a hanging basket at our front door, hubby found this sweet bicycle planter and I filled it with red geraniums.  Loving this!

3. For the first time I have harvest gold growing in my garden and it just sings happiness! Love it!

The insects love this flower too and its vivid colour brightness up a dark corner of the garden.

4.The butterflies have come back as the buddleia has bloomed.  This makes me happy!

Hope you have found some happiness here and I'm happy that you've come to visit!

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Have a happy weekend!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Three little Pinkeeps

Wow! How did August disappear so fast?  Our summer holidays finish tomorrow when the children return to school.  Speaking of which its my oldest daughter's last year at school and I don't know where those years have gone!

But I just wanted to share three little pinkies I've been working on.  I actually started this one with the crow and flag in June and then thought it was a nice size and perfect for smaller x stitch work like a monogram and started a couple more!

Next was a bee pinkeeep, and this time i edged it with black thread and jute.

But as we know autumn is around the corner so I had to stitch a pumpkin - so cute!

So that's where I've got to with my finishes I'm relieved to say! And now I can start in earnest for fall!

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Best wishes

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

More wool works

I've finally been brave enough to cut up some of my wool stash.
I find it so hard as I love opening my (small) wool cupboard and just admiring!

But having been inspired by photos of dragonflies and butterflies and summery flowers, I decided to make some pillows in my favourite colour, blue, of course!

Just simple straightforward designs I drew out and then stitched onto neutral wool background.

A tall penny flower on this longer pillow

  I added a few knots for detail

I think the dragonfly is my favourite.

Time to fly!

Hope you like as I'm listing them in Etsy.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Visit to Century Farm Museum

On our way through Ohio, we visited Burton Geauga County and visited the charmingly quaint Century Farm Museum.   All the buildings have been restored and can be toured though we only had time for a quick peek.

Enjoy some glimpses around it.

We peeked in to the Cook Farmhouse and I loved the primitive look and red paneling. Its from inside the farmhouse in the first shot.

This is also inside the Cook farmhouse

 Another house had a display of ladies clothing over the last few hundred years.
Who was ever so tiny around the waist?

 An early ensemble for the lady driver!


It was a beautiful day and lots to see and enjoy!

Thanks for coming by!

Look forward to hearing from you!