Friday, 9 December 2016

Crafty Christmas Challenge # 7

Yay! I've reached my crafty Christmas challenge # 7 today and here are five (or six!!) wood slice decorations I drew today with a Sharpie and inspiration from Pinterest!

If you want to check out my previous six crafts, just go to the sidebar for the list.

Butcher's twine makes for perfect seasonal hang ties for each slice.

I asked my dad to slice the log with his circular saw and then he drilled holes in each slice for the twine.

My dear daughter had a go too, so we had fun and a bit of competition too!
Do you have a favourite?

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Rudolph Mugshots! Challenge # 6

I've brought Rudolph in for questioning! I need to know what I'll find under the tree this year!

Of course this is my homemade Rudolph from a sweet free pattern found on Ali Strebel's blog HERE

He's doing his best to look coy!  I used a red pip berry for his nose and pipe cleaners for his antlers!

He needed to go outside for fresh air and a nibble on the trees!

He wishes you all a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Best wishes!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas Creation # 5

A very quick finish today on my Christmas challenge.  This is a free cross stitch pattern found on HERE under free patterns.

I added thread to hang it from a handle or even on the tree.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Crafty Christmas # 4

Made it! Another finish in my crafty Christmas challenge and the pressure is on to keep sewing and making! Lots of ideas but of course time is not on my side!

This is cute wee hanging tree is a great fun way of using up your scraps!  I made another slightly wonky tree!!! and cut circles from leftover pieces of wool and then stitched on a wee star and blanket stitched them on to the tree with a button star for the top!

I used a cinnamon stick for the tree trunk and I'm going to hang it from my kitchen cupboard for a festive touch!

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas Creation # 3!

Today's creation in my Christmas craft challenge is this pretty wool 'bauble'.  I saw something similar on pinterest and made this quite quickly with some stitching on each of the the three sides.

To finish it off, bright red ribbon and jingle bells. Perfect for the tree! Or hanging anywhere you want!

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Another Christmas Make & Five on Friday

So here's the second of my self-imposed Christmas Craft Challenge Cretions and it's a free pattern from Lori of Not Forgotten Farm and is part of Buttermilk Basin's Christmas Blog Hop.

Sweet little red stocking with holly - so simple yet so perfect for an extra Christmas touch around the house.

I have not really started my Christmas decorating yet but I did hang this pretty wreath on the hall shelf.

I've also looked out my favourite Christmas pattern books and lined up some more ideas for my challenge!

Do you buy  some new decorations every Christmas? I just can't help myself when I'm shopping and my daughter managed to persuade me to buy these three gorgeous baubles for our tree.

Lastly and looking ahead to spring I bought bulbs to plant and need to do that very soon before it gets too cold.

So glad you came by!

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Have a lovely weekend and hopefully I will share another sweet wee Christmas creation tomorrow!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

First Christmas Creation

Happy Christmas month of December!

I have set myself a challenge to share as many Christmas crafts and creations this month in the run up to Christmas.

So here is the first of my creations - a wonky wool patchwork Christmas tree in the style of Charlie Brown!

Now I admit something went wrong but after it was filled, i thought it had a sweet character in a forlorn sort of way and it has grown on me!

So I added the rusty star to hang crookedly and stamped a little NOEL tag.

It was good to practice a few embroidery stitches too.

what do you make of it?
I've 'fallen' for it!

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