Thursday, 16 April 2015

Spring Walk and Good Fences

With all three of my kids back to school after the Easter holidays, I have no excuse not to get on with the housework.  But after lunch, it's good to head outdoors and take a walk.  This is a road I often walk so let me share some of the fences and spring growth that I saw.

 These photos were all taken today but as you can see the clouds are trying to obscure the sun.

 This is the fence around my aunt's home and alongside the fence, she has planted alternate stands of hawthorne and beech hedging, but at this time of year, her cherry tree is aglow with blooms, so pretty!

 Love this old set of wrought iron gates at this disused entrance of farming neighbours.

So glad you could join me!
The sun is shining again so my laundry will dry quickly on the line today!

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Best wishes!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tea and Scones

Time for Tea and Scones this Tuesday!

I am blessed to live about a 15 minute drive from my parents so at the weekend my daughters and I often go visit my mother and there's nothing Mum and my daughters love doing than baking together.

My  oldest daughter was also on a mission to take photos for her art project so I knew it was going to help me with this post too!

This is my Mum's Irish Soda bread scone mix.  We love cherries in the mix though sometimes we might add sultanas or just leave them plain.  if you can get Soda bread flour this is an easy mix.

Mum and her rolling pin as she makes it about half an inch deep and then cuts out rounds.

All ready to go into a hot oven until golden and risen...

Freshly made, golden fluffy scones with melting butter and strawberry jam! Delightful! And served with Mother's china plates and teacups of course!

 Fine English bone china which mum has had for years.

It is a precious time together and I am glad my daughters have this opportunity to enjoy their grandmother's company and wisdom.

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Breath of Fresh Air

 'Nothing is so beautiful as Spring', so wrote the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins and I have to agree wholeheartedly with him today.

The blue skies and bright sunshine, gentle breeze and birdsong lured us out on a bike ride along the winding country lanes around our village.  It was simply beautiful; one of those days to tuck away in our collective memory; idyllic!

I stopped to take some pictures to show you the countryside here in our part of Northern Ireland.

 Beautiful forsythia in bloom.

Below is a photo of a nearby mill which had fallen into disrepair. I was so pleased when it was completely renovated and sympathetically restored and it's now apartments.
 This gentle little stream winds it way past the mill and through emerald green fields and wooded glens.
 Signs of spring bursting forth everywhere!  Below is a horse chestnut bud. Amazing creation!

Bluebells opening up on a sunny bank.
 Primroses too, lift their faces to drink in sunshine.

Truly a blessing to enjoy God's handiwork! 
Hope you enjoyed a breath of fresh air with us today!

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bunnies on display

 Hello everyone and welcome!  I hope you all and a wonderful Easter weekend!  We enjoyed wonderful praise and worship on Resurrection Sunday and a family dinner at our home afterwards.

The weather too, has been super, sunny warm and pretty out!

My Easter bunnies are on display so I thought I'd share some pictures today.  The  wax one above is one of my newest and it smells so good.  I placed some of the moss i dried in this tray and he looks right at home there, don't you think!

This is another special treasure bunny mould that I also bought on vacation last summer.

 And this came home with me then too - a gorgeous blue basket, perfect for some blue eggs!

 I made this cute bunny in a blue homespun dress from a free pattern by the Moonlit Stitch.

Some more fun bunnies grouped together and below a happy little hare peeking out of another basket!

I'm going to hippy happily out into the sunshine now and mow the lawn! It's a joy to be in the garden, come this fine weather!

Have a wonderful day where you are and thanks for hopping by for a visit!

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Chicks going Cheep!

 Happy First of April!

I've been cracking on with some happy spring stitching for Easter and thought I'd add to my chick collection with this sweet little wool applique chick/ egg.  It's a free pattern from

Here are a few little chicks I have hung on my little tree

And my joyful chicks from Granny Trace - lots of woolie love here!

 Happy April! 
Cheep! Cheep!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Monday Makes

I just wanted to share some weekend stitching which really should have been Friday finishes but here we are on Monday and I made myself finish these as I really have way too many bits and bobs lying around the sewing room in disarray.  I think it must be the spring air which makes me unsettled and I flit about from one thing to another.  So many ideas and different projects I want to try my hand at!

This sweet pinkeep was stitched from free stitch charts (

You can tell I'm still loving blues as I made this bluebird pinkeep from my favorite blue fabric.

 Something slightly different in the finish of this one as I made it into a pennant door hanger for more spring decoration.

 Just love those sweet wee bunnies!

 Thanks for all your comments last time! It's always lovely to hear from readers!

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Have a great week!

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Forsythia stems - a quick tutorial

 I love the colors and blossoms of spring and the vivid yellow of the forsythia is one of my favorites.
So eye-catching and cheerful! just what we need to see after the drab winter days.  Rather than cut some stems this year, so that i can let them flower away outside for all to see, I thought I could try to make some faux forsythia stems using tissue paper.

So here's what I did:  all very easy!

Gathered some bare branches  and bought some bright yellow tissue paper.

I drew a very simplistic template which resembles a star fish and placed this on lots of layers of tissue paper at once so you can cut out lots of flowers quickly.

I then fanned out several layers of the flower and pinched them together tightly in the middle to make a blossom.

Using my hot glue gun I began to glue them onto the branches - warning you WILL burn your fingers!!

And TAH DAH!!! A finished stem of vibrant yellow forsythia which you can use anywhere in your home for lovely spring decorating!

Hope you enjoyed and even get to make some!

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